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Visit us at PEGS Boston 2015

May 4-7, 2015
Boston, MA

Experience Innovative Biologic Advancements

Hear from Dr. Ken Butenhof of BIOVIA as he presents  'Fully Automated Antibody Structure Prediction from Sequence'.
When: Thursday, 7 May at 3:20 pm
Track: Protein Aggregation and Stability in Biopharmaceuticals

We have captured the best practices developed during the Second Antibody Modeling Assessment in a single fully automated antibody structure prediction method implemented in Discovery Studio through a Pipeline Pilot protocol. In this assessment we predicted the structure of eleven unpublished antibody Fv fragments. The prediction method utilizes fully automated multiple framework and antibody CDR Loop template selection, alignment and modeling. The resulting models are compared to the revealed X-Ray crystal structures and manually derived models. The comparison demonstrates that Biovia Antibody Modeling Cascade is capable of generating quite accurate models without manual intervention for the framework and the canonical CDR regions, with RMSDs to the X-ray structure on average below 1 A˚ for most of these regions. Furthermore, local geometry assessment scores are similar to that of the target X-ray structures. This method is applicable to Fv, Fab, and scFv sequences and is suitable for submission of multiple antibody sequences.

Visit BIOVIA on Booth #234

Stop by our booth where BIOVIA product experts will be showcasing biologics solutions designed to help with the discovery and development of biotherapeutic candidates.

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Pass by the stand and participate in our Antibody Building contest for a chance to win a new Fitbit Charge HR. All who stop by will win a fun prize.

There are 10 chances to win so make sure you visit us at PEGS Boston.

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