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Visit us at BioIT World Conference & Exposition in Boston

April 5-7, 2016
Booth #416

Join us at the annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, April 5- 7, 2016. Stop by booth #416 where our experts will be showcasing:

  • The Living Heart Project – a translational research initiative to revolutionize cardiovascular science through realistic simulation.
  • Designed to Cure – Speed time to market with higher quality novel therapeutics
  • ScienceCloud – a collaborative, cloud-based tool that allows users to contribute and share work with external partners.

Hear from BIOVIA’s Sean McGee, Life Science Research, Product Marketing, on April 6th at 12:00pm in the Software Applications & Services Track.

The Role of an Integrated Software Solution in Supporting Advanced Biologics Development

Abstract: The shifting landscape of the life sciences industry has been continually tightening its focus on the utilization of biologics as the primary source of new therapies. To stay competitive, optimizing the biologics development workflow has taken a leading role in the strategic initiatives of many leading life science companies. With that comes a need for tools that better support integration across globally externalizing research teams while maintaining compliance with multiple regulatory organizations. The ONE Development Lab solution for biologics, developed by BIOVIA, now a member of Dassault Systèmes, serves as an integration hub for advanced research groups, providing an open foundation which allows streamlining and integrating the flow of information and tasks within and between teams, reducing development cycle times, increasing R&D output, and mitigating compliance risks for biologics development throughout the biotherapeutics lifecycle.

Also hear from BIOVIA’s Ton van Daelen, Ph.D., ScienceCloud Product Director, on Wednesday, April 6th at 3:10pm in the Pharmaceutical R&D Informatics Track

Taking Scientific Collaboration in the Cloud to the Next Level

Abstract: Externalized collaborative research projects require integration and analysis of compound and bioactivity data from multiple sources. ScienceCloud supports secure data sharing in a “Cloud” and facilitates pipelining of data to/from internal data systems. In addition, ScienceCloud is now also used by small and medium research organizations to serve as their primary compute infrastructure, drastically lowering TCO while increasing nimbleness.

In addition don’t miss James Connelly, Global Head of Research Data Management at Sanofi presentation in the Pharmaceutical R&D Informatics Track on April 6th at 11:00am

Leverage the Wealth of Internal and External Information to Drive Collaboration and Project- Centricity Into Your Research Informatics Platform for Drug Discovery and Development; A Strategic Imperative

Abstract: Every pharmaceutical company holds a wealth of information collected for numerous drug candidates during research, pre-clinical and clinical development and for marketed drugs. Much of this information is trapped, undiscoverable and not optimally useable for drug discovery and development. Also, it cannot be effectively combined with the massive amount of externally available data. Two pilot studies with IBM Watson successfully extracted high quality information from toxicology reports and enabled researchers to discover critical insight for drug-repurposing proposals. Cloud-based SAR data platforms will further stimulate the use of broad data sources for research and create a project-centric and collaborative environment. Increasing reliance of Pharma on a diverse range of drug discovery collaborations has caused severe challenges to adapt Big Pharma datawarehouse-centric SAR data platforms. Evolution and innovation of cloud-based SAR data platforms has revolutionized our approach to SAR data integration, sharing and analysis. We will describe our current approach to collaboration data and the evolutive roadmap towards a fully capable SAR data platform in the cloud that will utilize cloud-based services and big data technology. This will reduce the cost of internally supported systems and create a scalable external SAR informatics system. These are major trends in the pharma industry and are driven by the acceptance, evolution and scalability of cloud-based and computational services and for collaborative SAR data sharing and analysis. There is a strong value-added in utilization of this wealth of information for R&D and strategic imperative to build informatics systems using Big Data technology to access and utilize all relevant information sources.

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