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Visit us at the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit

Event Date

4-6 October, 2016

Event Location

Hilton Dusseldorf
Georg-Glock-Straße 20,
40474 Düsseldorf,

Discover the future of European manufacturing!
The EMS Summit is a rich source of cross-sector manufacturing strategy expertise and experience. Hear the latest case studies and success stories from projects in lean, OpEx, Industry 4.0, workforce development, leadership, safety, quality, risk management, automation and technology.

David Nicolaides, BIOVIA Solutions Consultant will speak on the topic “Materials Engineering and the Rise of the Integrated Additive Manufacturing Market Place” on Wednesday, October 5th at 11.50am.

The sustainable, optimized and disruptive nature of the additive market place i.e. from materials to makers and consumers is well documented. However, the impact of materials design and engineering as well as the emerging virtual market place are novel and fast developing ideas. Materials engineering which underpins the design and production phases is a critical and innovative component of an integrated end to end process. This presentation will explore that the idea of a brokered market place where these materials, designs, production and finishing unit functions become exchanged items is an advanced and transformative idea for the manufacturing ecosystem.

For more information please see 12th Annual European Manufacturing Strategies Summit.

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