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Visit us at the 9th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress

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18-19 April, 2016

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London, UK

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Monday, 18 April @ 15.50 - 16.20

Dr. Guy Georges, Senior Principal Scientist, Roche, will be presenting on our behalf 'Antibody Modeling and Humanization: Towards Rational Engineering'.


MoFvAB (Modeling of the Fv Antibody) is automatically producing models of high quality at a very low computational cost. The template search focuses on structurally relevant portions, e.g. CDR3H split in ascending and descending portion from the loop peak, and an accurate prediction of the relative VH-VL orientation ensure the model quality. Finally, a technology based on neighborhood search is used to predict the position of side chains; this represents a fantastic add-on on the classical homology modeling (sequence-based) approach.  A benchmark analysis reveals that our modeling tool systematically better performs than all other published ones. The VH-VL orientation prediction is also used to predict the CDR grafting success during humanization. Quantitative correlations between VH-VL orientation and affinity to antigen will be presented.

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BIOVIA Biologics Solutions - An innovative Biologics suite of process experiences that supports the discovery, developement and manufacturing of biotherapeutics

We look forward to seeing you in London!

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