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Les Entretiens de Toulouse (The Toulouse Interviews) – Aerospace Industry

Event Date

19-20 April, 2016

Event Location

Toulouse, France

Hear Us Present

Tuesday, 19 April (afternoon session)

Dr. Michael Doyle, Business Development Director for BIOVIA, will be presenting on Atomistic and mesoscopic simulation fields at Les Entretiens de Toulouse (The Toulouse Interviews).


Dr. Michael Doyle of BIOVIA will be presenting, “Is It Possible To Better Prevent Icing On Airframes And Ra-Domes Using Multi-Scale And Multi-Physics Modeling?” In this presentation, Dr. Doyle will investigate anti-ice forming, anti-ice adhesion onto the surface of a polyurethane based polymer and ice inhibitor mixture. The system will model the atomistic or nano-scale inhomogeneity effect on ice formation process.

The presentation will be part of “Les Entretiens de Toulouse,” an event initiated by the Academy of Air and Space. The event has three main objectives:

  • To promote the dialogue between all actors in Aerospace & Defense industry,
  • Facilitate mutual understanding and dissemination of scientific and technical know between all these actors,
  • Contribute to the exchanges between SMEs, large groups, contractors and research centers.

It is therefore a scientific training during which participants, relying on innovative pedagogy based on exchanges, open their mind to other areas of expertise enabling to enrich their knowledge and their network.

This event “Les Entretiens de Toulouse” is the result of collaboration between industry - contractors, system integrators, and SMEs - and research centers.

Starting from the priority topics for the Research & Development teams, on key technologies and perspectives, this event helps to ensure greater synergy between players of all ages and different professions.

While Dr. Doyle’s presentation will focus on the ‘3D Modeling & System Engineering’ segment, there are 10 other areas of discussion at “Les Entretiens de Toulouse,” including:

  • Structure Engineering
  • Material
  • Avionics
  • Propulsion & New engines
  • Energy on board
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Military
  • Civil Aviation
  • Innovation and competitiveness
  • UAV - Unmanned Air vehicle

We look forward to seeing you in Toulouse!

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