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March 20 & 21, 2018

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Lake Maggiore, Italy

Join Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA Paperless Lab Academy
in Lake Maggiore and hear from BIOVIA experts:

How Allotrope Becomes Real Workshop

The benefits of leveraging standard frameworks and formats are obvious. They allow for faster implementation, easier data flow and exchange and lower cost of ownership. But in the past standards have not been very successful in being adopted by the industry and remained a mostly theoretical approach. In this workshop we will show how BIOVIA has changed the game by now having included the Allotrope standard and the S88 industry standard into our Unified Lab Management solution. We will discuss how leveraging these standards will help organizations manage vocabularies and reference data as well as procedure authoring and execution through libraries of procedure building blocks. We will show how consistent data capture with mobile devices, standardized equipment integration and centralized data storage in a Data Lake supports standardization across the organization and with partners to reduce cost, increase efficiency and enable faster decision making.

Session learning:

  • How using the Allotrope standard for managing vocabularies and reference data
    impacts daily lab work
  • How standardized procedure authoring and execution helps the transfer
    of recipes and methods
  • How data capture through mobile devices and instrument interfaces leads to
    efficiency gains in laboratory execution
  • How the Allotrope framework is power real laboratory workflows

Gene Tetreault, Sr. Director, Product Management, Unified Laboratory Management

For more information, see Paperless Lab Academy 2018.

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