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April 12-14, 2011
Booth #401-403

Join us at the annual BioIT World Conference & Exhibition in Boston, MA April 12-14, 2011. Visit us at #401-403 to experience Discovery Studio and Pipeline Pilot on a Perceptive Pixel HD Multi-Touch screen. We will also be showcasing:

Electronic Laboratory Notebook –Improve collaboration, process consistency and productivity through better knowledge sharing with this multi-disciplinary ELN.

Pipeline Pilot  - Gain immediate access to volumes of disparate research data locked in silos, automate scientific analysis and rapidly explore, visualize and report results with our enterprise R&D platform.  Check out the latest addition to our biology component collections.

The Accelrys Cheminformatics Suite –Register, search, mine and analyze information on chemical structures and reactions, chemically modified sequences and associated data such as inventory, assay and analytical results. 

Discovery StudioEasily examine the properties of large and small molecules, study systems, identify leads and optimize candidates.

The NGS Collection for Pipeline Pilot, which allows you to accommodate current analysis needs, as well as adapt to novel applications and computational methods emerging so rapidly in the NGS landscape. 

Learn more about how Accelrys can assist you in providing an end-to-end scientific workflow process, in one, unified informatics platform by attending the following presentations:

Data Management and Informatics Platform for Enhancing Research and Development Productivity and Innovation, Robert Brown, PhD, Senior Director Life Sciences, Accelrys Inc

Wednesday, April 13th - 12:00 pm
Track: Drug Discovery Informatics

Abstract: This talk will discuss the use of the Accelrys data management and informatics platform, one of the pillars of its Enterprise R&D architecture, to enhance research and development productivity and innovation for small molecules and biotherapeutics. Managing end-to-end scientific workflows in a unified informatics platform allows research and development organizations to:

  • streamline their operations and reduce operating costs
  • increase the potential for innovation through timely capture of information, enhanced collaboration and informed decision making

The Pipeline Pilot NGS Collection: A New Approach to the Challenges of NGS Data Analysis, Clifford Baron, Product Marketing Director, Accelrys

Wednesday, April 13th - 4:45 pm
Track: Next Generation Sequencing Track

Abstract: In repeated surveys, scientists using next generation sequencing technologies report that data analysis is their greatest challenge, and the most significant impediment to continued market growth. This is so despite the availability of over a dozen commercial software offerings and literally hundreds of public domain NGS algorithms, with more appearing weekly. The most frequently discussed factor contributing to the data analysis challenge is the sheer volume of data generated. But as significant though less frequently acknowledged is the rapid evolution of available algorithms and attendant computational best practices, and the need for techniques tailored to specific research goals. We discuss how Pipeline Pilot, a widely used commercial software system for the rapid development and deployment of computational pipelines, can be used along with a newly released collection of NGS analysis components to address these fundamental challenges.

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Stop by booth #401-403 to learn about all of Accelrys’ offerings and enter to win a new, next generation Apple iPad2!

See you in Boston!

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