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Visit us at the BioIT 2012 Conference & Exhibition in Boston

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April 24-26, 2012
Booth #401-403

Join us at the annual BioIT World Conference & Exhibition in Boston, MA April 24-26, 2012. Visit us at #401-403 and speak with our product experts who will be showcasing:

Electronic Laboratory Notebook –With over 40 ELN vendors to choose from, choosing an ELN right for you can be a daunting challenge. Accelrys is one of the leading ELN providers and has been delivering ELNs for over 15 years with specialized ELNs and Lab Execution systems for different research, development, QA/QC and early manufacturing needs. Visit our ELN demo station to learn more about the available ELN options, the role and strategies for adopting and deploying an ELN for your needs.

Pipeline Pilot  - Gain immediate access to volumes of disparate research data locked in silos, automate scientific analysis and rapidly explore, visualize and report results with our enterprise R&D platform.  Check out the latest addition to our biology component collections.

The Accelrys Cheminformatics Suite –Register, search, mine and analyze information on chemical structures and reactions, chemically modified sequences and associated data such as inventory, assay and analytical results. 

Discovery StudioThe Discovery Studio demo station will provide delegates with an overview of the latest release of Discovery Studio.  You will have an opportunity to learn about our market differentiating, specialty antibody design tools, our novel residue scanning tools for binding affinity, thermal and mutational stability analysis and our 'state-of-the-art' antibody aggregation prediction technology.

The NGS Collection for Pipeline Pilot - The Pipeline Pilot NGS Collection is a flexible framework for creating and deploying data processing pipelines for next generation sequencing data. The NGS Collection provides the three key attributes necessary to efficiently support the deployment of NGS data throughout the research enterprise. First, by incorporating a comprehensive selection of industry leading algorithms, it provides the versatility to address the varied computational needs of different research groups using a variety of NGS techniques, including DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, and ChIP-Seq experiments. Second, as best practices evolve, the product’s rapid integration methods and graphical pipeline authoring environment provide teams with the agility to rapidly develop, modify, and deploy new computational pipelines. Third, its built-in support for popular computational grid systems such as Oracle Grid Engine, LSF and PBS/Altair provides the scalability needed to support the most computationally intensive NGS pipelines.

Hear how Accelrys is changing the landscape of Laboratory Informatics Systems by attending the following presentation:

Changing the Landscape of Laboratory Informatics Systems to Enhance Innovation Life Cycle Management (ILM)
Presented by:
Dr. Dominic John, Product Marketing Director, Accelrys
Dr. Robert Brown, Senior Director, Life Sciences Marketing, Accelrys

Track: Drug Discovery Informatics program
Wednesday, April 25th – 12:00 pm

Today’s  R&D stakeholders driving innovation need to execute efficiently in  globally distributed project teams.  This talk discusses an easy to deploy enterprise-level informatics environment for innovation lifecycle management that allows secure collaboration across global, heterogeneous research teams. New capabilities enable distributed teams to deliver significant productivity enhancements to orchestrate, document , manage and accelerate scientific  innovation lifecycle management.

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Dr. Dominic John, Product Marketing Director
Dominic has over 15 year experience in scientific informatics research and marketing, and has a background in biochemistry. Dominic’s experience in informatics covers scientific data management, cheminformatics, decision support and reporting tools for chemistry and biology R&D.  More recently Dominic has focused on Enterprise Lab Management and the role of the ELN within informatics and its support of the product life cycle through research, development and early manufacturing. Dominic’s expertise covers cloud and on-premise ELNs supporting strategies from a paperless to fully integrated lab from research to manufacturing.

Dr. Robert Brown, Senior Director, Life Sciences Marketing
Rob Brown is Senior Director of Life Sciences Marketing at Accelrys. In this role he is responsible for the cheminformatics, bioinformatics and modelling and simulation products for the Life Sciences industries. He has been with Accelrys, MSI and SciTegic for 10 years involved in the product direction of the Accord and Pipeline Pilot product lines. Rob was also director of the combichem consortium at Accelrys/MSI that ran for 6 years from 1997 and brought together a group of 20 member companies to design and build Prior to MSI, Rob was a member of the Computer Aided Molecular Design group at Abbott Laboratories. Rob received his PhD in Cheminformatics from the University of Sheffield, UK under the direction of Prof Peter Willett.

Dr. Clifford Brown, Director Biology Product Marketing
Clifford has a PhD in Biology from UC Berkeley, and has worked for industry-leading companies in the scientific software industry for over twenty years, including tenures at Pangea Systems/DoubleTwist, Celera and Applied Biosystems. Clifford joined Accelrys in 2006, managing the global professional services group. Most recently Clifford has been leading the company's initiatives to bring to market software to support Genomics and Biotherapeutics R&D as Director of Biology Product Marketing.

Dr. Tim Moran, Director Pipeline Pilot Product Management
Tim has accumulated over 12 years of experience in Marketing and Product Development in the area of scientific informatics. Primary areas of focus included development of software for image processing and analysis for biological screening. His previous experience included a VP of Application Development position at Q3DM (Quantitative 3D Microscopy). Q3DM was acquired by Beckman Coulter and Tim managed the product development group there until coming to Accelrys. He has been working as a Director for Accelrys since 2006. His current product management responsibilities are Imaging and the Biology collections in Pipeline Pilot.

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