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2011 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference
Accelrys Abstracts

Talk - The Pipeline Pilot NGS Collection: A New Approach to the Challenges of NGS Data Analysis
Clifford Baron, Product Marketing Director, Accelrys
Wednesday, February 23rd - 3:50 PM
Track: Integrated R&D Informatics & Knowledge Management

In repeated surveys, scientists using next generation sequencing technologies report that data analysis is their greatest challenge, and the most significant impediment to continued market growth. This is so despite the availability of over a dozen commercial software offerings and literally hundreds of public domain NGS algorithms, with more appearing weekly. The most frequently discussed factor contributing to the data analysis challenge is the sheer volume of data generated. But as significant though less frequently acknowledged is the rapid evolution of available algorithms and attendant computational best practices, and the need for techniques tailored to specific research goals. We discuss how Pipeline Pilot, a widely used commercial software system for the rapid development and deployment of computational pipelines, can be used along with a newly released collection of NGS analysis components to address these fundamental challenges.

Poster - New Biologics Innovation Platform
Francisco Hernandez-Guzman, Product Manager, Life Sciences, Accelrys
Wednesday - Thursday, February 23-24
Poster Pavillion

Accelrys’ comprehensive Scientific Platform can enable a Planning, Designing, Registration, Testing, Analyzing and Reporting.  This poster will illustrate how you can manage the data and processes for a Biologic entity from inception through to pharmaceutical development.  This comprehensive platform will help the scientist create a unified informatics approach for both small molecules and biologics within the organization.

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