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2012 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference
Accelrys Abstracts

Talk - Changing the Landscape of Laboratory Informatics Systems to Enhance Innovation Life Cycle Management (ILM)
Presented by: Dr. Dominic John, Product Marketing Director, Accelrys
Authors: Robert Brown, Dominic John, Frank Brown

Wednesday, February 22nd, 9:30 am - 10:00 am
Track: Integrated R&D Informatics & Knowledge Management

Optimizing the Innovation Life Cycle from early discovery through delivery to manufacturing is a critically important process for the success of research and development organizations. However, today the R&D stakeholders driving innovation are likely to be communicating across time zones and continents rather than across a laboratory bench. And increasingly, project participants no longer all work under the same corporate umbrella but across a network of CROs and collaborators. To be successful organizations need an end-to-end, unified enterprise-level informatics platform for innovation lifecycle management—one that can facilitate the data integration, process automation, collaboration and information sharing required – but are instead often faced with an existing in-house informatics landscape of fractured, disparate applications that must be held together by an IT organization under increasing cost and time constraints. In this talk we will present an Accelrys solution that  directly address the new challenges for informatics systems in integrated Innovation Life Cycle Management and externalization – the need for low cost solutions that allow secure collaboration across global, heterogeneous research teams that can be very easily and rapidly deployed to meet the dynamic nature of those teams. We will discuss how the solution allows organizations to realize significant productivity enhancements in their ability to orchestrate, document and manage their innovation lifecycle.

Vendor Theatre Presentation - "Live Demo of Cloud Based Collaboration Platforms – Accelrys Notebook and HEOS"
Presented by: Dr. Dominic John, Product Marketing Director, Accelrys
Wednesday, February 22nd, 11:10 am

Poster - Opportunities for reducing cost in biotherapeutics discovery and development by using computer based predictive tools

Francisco Hernandez-Guzman, Product Manager, Life Sciences, Accelrys
Tuesday - Wednesday, February 21-22
Poster Pavillion

Over the past decade we have seen a significant increase in the discovery and development of new biotherapeutics based therapies. Pharmaceutical companies are rebalancing their drug portfolio through internal initiatives, or via mergers or acquisitions. However, working with biologics has its own series of challenges that scientists have to face. One of the most important challenges is cost. The cost of discovery and development of biotherapeutics is significantly higher than for traditional small molecule development. To help reduce the cost, scientists seek to further their understanding of the mechanisms of action of their biologic of interest. In this context, computational tools are used to provide molecular insights to complex systems and provide key functional information. With molecular information, scientists can optimize their focus into a rational discovery and development effort. In this poster, we outline three key areas where computational tools can provide significant savings to the biotherapeutics drug discovery and development effort. These key areas are: 1) Structure prediction, 2) Stability prediction and 3) Aggregation prediction.

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