8-9 April 2014 • Berlin, Germany

Accelerate2014 Europe will feature a program of Accelrys technical experts that will cover a range of topics including, IT best practices, security, deployments, integration and roadmaps.

Speaker Information

Andrew LeBeau

Director of Product Marketing (San Diego, CA, USA)

Andrew LeBeau joined Accelrys in 2005 and is currently Director of Product Marketing for the Accelrys Enterprise Platform and Pipeline Pilot. In his role, he is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the platform. Previously, Dr LeBeau had multiple different Product Management roles at Accelrys, most recently bringing two new products to market, Insight and Insight for Excel. These are a web-based search, browse, analyze and visualize application and the new instantiation of a scientifically-enabled Excel product, respectively. Prior to that, he managed the Pipeline Pilot client, and the Reporting and Documents & Text Collections for Pipeline Pilot. Dr LeBeau received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand before completing a post-doctoral position at the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Prior to joining Accelrys, he worked as a research scientist and product manager at Physiome Sciences and ProSanos, two start-up technology companies serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


  • (AA2014E-Roadmap01) Platform Roadmap
  • (AA2014E-PP01) Debugging capabilities in Pipeline Pilot: Featuring Design Mode and Protocol Comparison

Bert Rosell

Group Leader, Software Development (Milford, MA, USA)

Bert Rosell serves as the Product Architect for Accelrys LIMS, Inventory Manager (IM), Environmental Monitoring (EM) and Accelrys LES. Bert has spent more than 7 years designing and working on LIMS related software; first for an environmental laboratory, then VelQuest and finally Accelrys. Before that he spent more than 6 years developing solutions for Internet and telephony companies.


  • (AA2014E-APP08) Accelrys LIMS Tech Talk: Date-Time Model and Global Deployments
  • (AA2014E-APP11) Extending LIMS and LES Using AEP Protocols

Conrad Agramont

Lead Product Manager, Enterprise Technologies (San Diego, CA, USA)

Conrad Agramont is a Senior Product Manager at Accelrys focused on Enterprise Technologies. Conrad mainly focuses on Pipeline Pilot core platform capabilities around administration, security, deployment, high performance computing, developer tools, and web services. He’s an active participant in the Accelrys IT-Dev Community and contributes to the Accelrys blog, all with a focus on IT and Developer needs. Conrad is also responsible for Cloud Computing efforts within Accelrys, which leverages his 10+ years of experience in the Hosting/SaaS industry. He previously worked at Microsoft Corporation for over seven years in both product development and sales organizations.

Dana Honeycutt

Principal Scientist, Statistics and Data Modeling

Dana is responsible for developing and maintaining components in Pipeline Pilot for statistics, model building, and optimization. He also developed Accelrys Catalog for text searching of the Accelrys Enterprise Platform database of components and protocols.

Dana has been doing research and developing software at Accelrys or one of its predecessor companies since 1989, but he found his true love as a programmer when he first encountered Pipeline Pilot in 2005.


  • (AA2014E-DEV01) Pipeline Pilot as a Software Development Environment
  • (AA2014E-PLAT05) Diagnostic Tools for Troubleshooting
  • (AA2014E-DEV06) Best Practices for Team Development with AEP

Eddy Vande Water

Director, Enterprise Platform Field Application (Home Office, Belgium)

Eddy Vande Water is a Director at Accelrys focused on our workflows and platform technologies. Eddy mainly focuses on Pipeline Pilot core platform capabilities as well as its ability to integrate with 3rd party enterprise system. Showing and discussing added-values Accelrys Enterprise Platform can bring to customer is his main activity. With is about 10 years working with Pipeline Pilot, he is one of our most experienced expert. He previously worked at UCB Pharma for fourteen years in successively medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and information management.


  • (AA2014E-PP07) Ten Most Important "Don't Dos" with Pipeline Pilot

Erik Alsmyr

Senior Director Software Development, Accelrys Notebook (Stockholm, Sweden)

Erik Alsmyr is a Senior Director in Software Development at Accelrys focused on the Accelrys Notebook. Erik is responsible for 4 agile teams developing the Notebook and the Product Management team as well as being the General Manager of the Accelrys Stockholm office. Despite his leadership role Erik still is a frequent committer to the Notebook code base, often in the REST API back-end but he also ventures into JavaScript when needed.

Erik has been on the Notebook team for 12 years, taking the product into Accelrys, to the cloud and into the modern web technologies of HTML5 and JavaScript.


  • (AA2014E-APP06) Accelrys Notebook Single Sign On with EKB and AEP
  • (AA2014E-APP09) Desktop Integration from Accelrys Notebook web client
  • (AA2014E-DEV08) Accelrys Notebook REST API Development

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/alsmyr/
Github: https://github.com/alsmyr

Guillaume Paillard

ScienceCloud Customer Success management (Orsay, France)

Guillaume Paillard is part of the new ScienceCloud team and as such focuses on helping customers to get started with the ScienceCloud suite of application and make sure they get the greatest value from it. He is also part of the team responsible for the development of the new ScienceCloud collections. For the last 9 years, Guillaume has been a Pipeline Pilot and Accelrys Enterprise Platform technical expert, working closely with customers to understand how Accelrys Enterprise Platform can address their needs.

Guillaume has a scientific background in physics and chemistry and received a PhD in Molecular Modelling.


  • (AA2014E-PP03) Introducing the Mobile Collection for Pipeline Pilot
  • (AA2014E-PP05) ScienceCloud and Notebook Collection APIs

Jason Benedict

Director, Software Development (San Diego, CA, USA)

Jason is a Lead Architecture and Director of Software Development with Accelrys’ Platform Team and works on Accelrys Enterprise Platform and Pipeline Pilot. Jason started his career as a consultant helping companies deliver enterprise and internet-based software solutions. In 2002, Jason joined SciTegic and became an early contributor to the Pipeline Pilot community by managing large-scale consulting projects for SciTegic and then Accelrys. Jason joined the Software Development team in 2009 as a Principle Architect and helped drive enterprise features into the platform. Jason continues in that role today by working closely with our customers and product teams to help define and implement our platform strategy.


  • (AA2014E-PLAT02) SAML 2.0 Security in AEP 9.2
  • (AA2014E-PLAT04) Patterns for Processing Scientific Big Data with AEP
  • (AA2014E-PLAT06) Best Practices for Protocol Publication in AEP 9.2
  • (AA2014E-PLAT08) Maximizing Performance in AEP 9.2

Ian Buchan

Senior Manager, Software Development (Cambridge, UK)

Ian Buchan is currently the Project Lead and Lead Developer for Accelrys Insight for Excel. Ian has nearly 22 years’ experience with Accelrys in writing and using cheminformatics tools and components, starting with, and covering most of, the Accord products. For the last 5 years, Ian has been using the Pipeline Pilot Chemistry API, initially for Oracle cartridge development and lately for Insight for Excel, and has been one of the Accelrys developers driving the feature set. With the advent of the Pipeline Pilot Chemistry SDK for Java, this API is now available to Accelrys customers. What motivates me? I really enjoy enhancing mainstream applications to make them chemically aware.


  • (AA2014E-DEV03) Cheminformatics: Building Java Apps with the new Chemistry SDK

Julian Willmott

EKB Product Manager (Cambridge, UK)

Julian has spent the last 12 years of his career building software for customers across the science industries, working with customers researching products spanning from Pharmaceuticals right through to Asphalt for roads, roofs and racetracks.

Most of his 8 year tenure at Accelrys was spent working in the Professional Services department working on projects in what you might loosely called “Experiment Data Management”. It was this work that led him to realize that 80% of customer requirements were the same for all of these projects. In turn, this resulted in him leading the development of the “EKB” concept, aimed at making this 80% available out-of-the-box, and the other 20% easily added using AEP protocols.

Subsequently, EKB became a fully-fledged Accelrys product and Julian has moved into the role of Product Manager.


  • (AA2014E-APP05) An Administrator's Guide to EKB
  • (AA2014E-DEV07) Having it all: Out-of-the-box software with flexibility. EKB’s many extension points

Karri Unruh

Senior Product Manager, Accelrys Discoverant (Boulder, CO, USA)

Karri has been working with Discoverant since 2003, when she joined Aegis Analytical as an implementation project manager. As product manager for the last five years, she has worked closely with customers and developers to identify and define enhancements for the Discoverant product. Prior to joining Accelrys, Karri worked in the wireless communication and semiconductor industries as a software developer, data warehousing/data mining developer and consultant, and technical project manager.


Leif Pedersen

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Product Management and Corporate Development

Leif Pedersen is a seasoned software industry executive with more than 25 years of product and marketing experience supporting multiple vertical markets and a proven track record of building high-performance teams in the areas of marketing, product management and corporate development. Before joining Accelrys, Mr. Pedersen served as vice president of Siemens with global responsibility for driving company growth within the automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, chemicals and other industries. As vice president at UGS prior to its acquisition by Siemens, Mr. Pedersen was responsible for managing business strategies within eight industry verticals and was part of a team that successfully grew UGS into a leading global product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions company. Prior to UGS, Mr. Pedersen held executive leadership positions with Vignette Corp., Novell Inc., Computer Associates and Oracle Corporation.


  • (AA2014E-GS01) Opening Session

Mike Wilson

Advisory Product Manager (Bend, OR, USA)

Mike Wilson is an Advisory Product Manager with the platform team, working on the enterprise capabilities of the Accelrys Enterprise Platform and Electronic Lab Notebook. Before joining the platform team, he worked with the Accelrys ELN product line for 10 years and, prior to that, led IT organizations in software and financial companies. Mike is involved with security, administration, compliance support, and business process management features of the platform. His areas of expertise include support for regulated environments, business continuity planning, and best practices for deployment design/implementation.


Olga Ignatova

Senior Manager, Platform R&D

Olga joined Accelrys in 1998 and had the good fortune to work on several flagship Accelrys products: Materials Studio, Discovery Studio and, since 2006, Pipeline Pilot. For a number of years she led the development of the Pipeline Pilot Reporting collection and lately assumed responsibilities for other aspects of the Pipeline Pilot platform, including client, java server, scheduler, data caching, protocol publication and various SDKs. Olga holds degrees in applied mathematics from the Moscow State University and in computer science from Concordia University, Montreal.


  • (AA2014E-PP02) Advanced Tips and Tricks
  • (AA2014E-PP09) Reporting Collection Topics

Pedro Gomez Fabre

Lead Scientist, Support (Cambridge, UK)

Pedro joined Accelrys in 2005 and currently works for the support organization, providing technical assistance and expertise on Accelrys Enterprise Platform and Pipeline Pilot. Chemist by degree and PhD in Molecular Biology has strong background on bioinformatics and distributed systems. Dr Gomez has been supporting Pipeline Pilot and Accelrys’ products over the last decade and contributed to the evolution of the current biology portfolio.

Prior to Accelrys, he worked as bioinformatician at Goteborg University, Sweden and GlaxoSmithKline, Harlow, UK.


  • (AA2014E-PLAT03) HPC scenarios pros and cons with AEP
  • (AA2014E-PLAT07) Planning your migration from PP 8.5 to AEP 9.2
  • (AA2014E-PP08) Ten Most Interesting Support Cases

Seth McCarthy

Lead Software Developer (Bend, OR, USA)

Seth is a lead developer for the AELN and Accelrys Capture product lines. `He is passionate about high quality, maximized customer value, and performance. In the last few years he has worked on Clone to Latest, ADM, import/export, all parts of the Accelrys Capture product, and many performance enhancements for AELN. He is currently working in AELN to develop improved search functionality, better interoperability with both the platform and other Accelrys products, and streamlining AELN deployment.


  • (AA2014E-APP01) Streamlining Audit and Review in Accelrys ELN
  • (AA2014E-DEV04) Building AELN Extensions: Comparing Text Sections

Susan McNamara

Senior Manager, Software Development (Boulder, CO, USA)

Susan McNamara is the engineering manager for the Discoverant software development team. As a Discoverant Product Team member, Susan has a role in contributing to product direction and is responsible for the implementation of the product roadmap for the Discoverant and PRIMR applications. Susan has been with Accelrys for 3 plus years and over the past 6 years has been a constant evangelist for implementing Agile methodologies across the enterprise. She has over 30 years of professional experience in software design and development, information technology, and consulting working with a range of companies.

Susan holds a MS degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California and started her career with Bell Laboratories in 1980.


  • (AA2014E-APP02) Discoverant Deployment and Configuration for Effective Global Collaborations

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/susan-mcnamara/4/636/491