2017 European BIOVIA Forum 5 – 8 June 2017 | Hilton London Wembley, London, United Kingdom Four days of proven best practices, hands-on workshops and
previews of the latest BIOVIA products.

Meet the Experts

Jack Gibson

Field Application Engineer

  • Data Management, ELN, Laboratory Informatics.
  • Chemistry formulations and analytics in research and development
  • Expertise: Workbook, Request, Compose, Capture, Inventory Management, Environmental Monitoring

She Yen Lok

Advisory Field Application Scientist

  • Over 20 yrs experience in the pharmaceutical industry particularly in the space of QA/QC
  • Working through the lab as a QC Analyst through to implementing global informatics solutions such as LIMS and LES to meet the challenges in the QC environment.

David Nicolaides, PhD

Principal Field Applications Scientist

  • PhD in Theoretical Physics and BSc in Physics
  • Application scientist in polymer modeling, focusing on mesoscale modeling
  • Technical marketing of statistics-based products and materials informatics
  • Expertise: ELNs, Pipeline Pilot/BIOVIA Foundation, QSAR, Informatics

Dr. Marc Meunier

Principal Field Application Scientist

  • Joined BIOVIA in 2000 as a product specialist for materials modelling.
  • Meunier's research interests include the study of nanodielectrics, the simulation of polymeric materials used in membrane technology, pharmaceutical materials science and more recently the growing field of materials informatics.
  • On the editorial board of the journal Molecular Simulation; his publications appear in Chemical Physics, Applied Physics and Polymer journals; and he has recently edited a book entitled Industrial Applications of Molecular Simulations.

Andrew Mott, PhD

Advisory Field Applications Scientist

  • PhD in Organic Chemistry (chemistry of polyfluoroepoxides)
  • Research Chemist in medical imaging and drug discovery
  • BIOVIA Notebook architect
  • Expertise: Notebook and CISPro

Guillaume Paillard

Product Manager, Life Science Cloud Solutions

  • Application Scientist for 10 years at BIOVIA focused on assisting customers in their usage of Pipeline Pilot.
  • Member of the ScienceCloud Team, helping customers streamlining their externalization initiatives and developing ScienceCloud offering
  • Now responsible for defining and marketing BIOVIA cloud solutions in life sciences.
  • Expertise: ScienceCloud, Pipeline Pilot, externalization and collaboration

Andrei Caracoti

Senior Manager, ScienceCloud

  • Background in medicinal chemistry.
  • Working with organizations to facilitate collaborative scientific research with external partners using ScienceCloud.
  • Expertise: ScienceCloud, Pipeline Pilot, Notebook, Assay

Bjoern Loeprecht, PhD

Advisory Applications Scientist

  • PhD in theoretical chemistry
  • Research in the area of predicting environmental relevant chemical properties by utilizing and parameterizing quantum mechanical and statistical thermodynamic methods
  • Consultant on lab informatics, cheminformatics, molecular modeling, paperless lab
  • Expertise: Workbook, Notebook, LIMS, Foundation, Request, CISPro, or any other topic in lab- and chem-informatics

Dr. Frédéric Barberis

Principal Field Applications Scientist

  • Over 20 years experience in servicing drug discovery and fine chemistry processes with informatics and workflow solutions.
  • During these 20 years (17 with BIOVIA) he was involved in consulting, product definition, development, implementation and now he focuses on pre-sales activities.
  • Expertise: ELNs, Insight, SAR, data mining, Inventory/Reagent/Sample management and Informatics

Tien Luu, PhD

Principal Scientific Specialist

  • Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Wollongong, Australia, studying the Synthetic and Rational Drug Design of Inhibitors of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase.
  • Tien joined MSI (now BIOVIA) in 2001 coordinating training services and joined the pre-sales team two years later.
  • Expertise: Pharmacophore Modelling, Ligand Design, Virtual Screening, Structure Based Drug Design and QSAR.

Selcan Rowles

Senior Solutions Consultant

  • Over 2.5 years in the Professional Services industry with a background of Shipbuilding Marine, Oil and Gas software solutions for the previous 7 years.
  • Works directly with customers implementing BIOVIA Experiment and BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot applications.
  • Expertise: Pipeline Pilot: installation, protocol configuration and BIOVIA Experiment: integration and reporting.

Johan M. Carlsson, PhD

Senior Field Application Scientist

  • PhD in Computational Physics
  • Contract research and presales team using modeling and simulation
  • Presales CCOG (Chemicals, Consumer Packaged Goods, Oil and Gas)
  • Fellow of the BIOVIA Science Council
  • Expertise: Materials Studio, Notebook

Cyril Walsh

Senior Solutions Consultant

  • Quality and Regulatory affairs
  • Implemented quality based processes of SOPs, CAPAs, Deviations, Change Control
  • Previously worked for Accenture
  • Expertise: DocCompliance, ProcessCompliance

Wesley Flake

Senior Field Application Engineer

  • Master in Computer Science
  • Compliance and controlled document and quality process management
  • Document and quality process management
  • Expertise: Quality Process Management, EDMS, Controlled Document Management, Compliance, eCTD, IDMP

Dennis Curran

Director of Product Management

  • Focused on the integration of BIOVIA products into customer solutions for scientific research and development.
  • His direct product responsibilities include BIOVIA Workbook and the ONE Lab Solution Industry Solution Experience, and mapping the product transition to 3DEXPERIENCE – including the new IP Inquiry App.
  • Has direct pharmaceutical experience while running the robotics laboratories for Parke-Davis’s Analytical Development department in New Jersey.
  • Expertise: Laboratory Automation, Drug Discovery through Development and Quality Control operations, Pharmaceutical Method Development and Tech Transfer, Computer Systems Validation, ELN Software, Usability, and Data Utilization.

Mats Kihlen

Product Manager BIOVIA Notebook

  • 20 year experience of computational chemistry and cheminformatics in drug discovery research.
  • His group has developed advanced tools for searching and navigation in research data, as well as support for lab automation and compound logistics.
  • He has been one of the inventors of the BIOVIA Notebook and is currently the product manager for the application.

Daniel DeAlmeida

Lead Product Manager

  • With 20 years of laboratory industry experience, Daniel DeAlmeida is a product manager responsible for lab analyst workflows in the Unified Lab Management suite.
  • Worked in a variety of laboratory environments including pharmaceutical and environmental testing focusing on technology integration solutions from both the hardware and software perspective.
  • Expertise: BIOVIA LES, LIMS, EM, Compose & Capture, Metrology & Equipment.

Eddy Vande Water

PreSales Director

  • Eddy Vande Water is a PreSales Director at BIOVIA focused on workflows and platform technologies.
  • Eddy mainly focuses on BIOVIA Foundation and Pipeline Pilot core platform capabilities.
  • Key areas are the integration abilities with third party enterprise systems including other Dassault Systèmes applications as well as with Big Data technologies. Showing and discussing added-values BIOVIA Foundation can bring to customer is his main activity.
  • With more than 10 years working with Pipeline Pilot, he is one of our most experienced experts.
  • Product Expertise: Pipeline Pilot, BIOVIA Foundation, 3D EXPERIENCE Platform

Frederic Bost

Director Product Management

  • Creator of HEOS® developed inside the CRO Scynexis and acquired by BIOVIA in 2012 to become the core of ScienceCloud.
  • Prior to Scynexis, Global head of Research IT for Rhone-Poulenc Agro leading the research informatics integration task force during the merger with Hoechst to form Aventis CropScience, now Bayer CropScience.
  • Holds a Computer Science Engineering degree from INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) in Lyon, France.
  • Expertise: ScienceCloud, Drug Discovery External Collaborations, Cloud Research Informatics, Cloud Operations and Security

Jannise Buckley

Sr. Product Manager

  • Jannise manages the diverse portfolio of Pipeline Pilot products at BIOVIA including the established application, cloud offering and the soon to be released web client and 3DX Platform integration.
  • She’s passionate about solving problems that matter and delivering great customer experiences.
  • Jannise is an alumni of UC Santa Cruz and USC with PhD, MA, and BS degrees in Chemistry and a Graduate Certificate in Technology Commercialization.
  • Expertise: Pipeline Pilot, Chemistry, Product Development and Launch, Marketing, Event Planning.

Neil Eccles

Senior Product Manager

  • Neil manages BIOVA biologics-focused applications including Biological Registration and the Biotherapeutics Workbench as well as Pipeline Pilot Biology toolkits such as Next Generation Sequencing and Sequence Analysis.
  • Prior to this, Neil managed a variety of different applications and solutions within the biology and chemistry space, including BIOVIA Workbook, Database Search and for a number of years, the Accord product line.
  • Before joining BIOVIA, Neil held the position of Head of Screening at Prolifix (now Topotarget), a UK-Danish biotechnology company focused on drug discovery in the cell cycle and tumor suppressor area.
  • Neil received his PhD from the University of Wales UK, working on the isolation and characterization of novel epithelial growth factors in 1996.

Matt Sage

Senior Product Manager

  • Focused on the Collaborative and Predictive life sciences, managing the Cheminformatics solutions: Insight, Insight for Excel, Pipeline Pilot Chemistry Collection, Direct, Draw and Pipette Sketcher.
  • Over the past 17 years he has also worked as an Advisory Consultant supporting customers in multiple roles including; implementation, training and presales.
  • Expertise: Chemical Representation and Depiction, Searching, Decision Support, Scientific Excel add-ins, Registration, Inventory Management, Pipeline Pilot Chemistry

Tom Simons

Senior Solutions Consultant

  • Worked in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry for about 17 years and has specialized in the field of Data integration and Process Data Analysis for the past 9 years. His areas of expertise are software implementation, data integration & data contextualization.
  • Tom has experience with all aspects of the software engineering lifecycle, from initial analysis through architectural specification, detailed design, implementation and testing, with an emphasis on data integration throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Expertise: Discoverant

Dr. Hugues-Olivier Bertrand

Senior Director BIOVIA Pre-Sales – Senior Fellow & Head of the BIOVIA Science Council

  • Received in 1995 a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Rennes - School of Pharmacy - France.
  • Joined BIOVIA in 1998 and today manages the Biologics Pre-Sales group and heads the BIOVIA Science Council, a group which mission is to enhance and promote scientific excellence
  • Expertise: Protein Modeling, Simulations of Macromolecules, Virtual Screening and Structure/Fragment Based Drug Design. BioPLM & BioDiscovery

Adrian Stevens, PhD

Director Product Management, Predictive Sciences

  • PhD in Computational Chemistry
  • Application of computational chemistry
  • Published 20 papers and 3 drug and technology patents
  • Expertise: Discovery Studio, QSAR Workbench, Pipeline Pilot App Builder