In The Age of Experience
May 23-27, 2016 | Boston, MA 3DEXPERIENCE®

Keynote Speakers

Hear from Science in the Age of Experience Keynote Speakers
during the Opening Plenary Sessions.

Monday Keynote Speakers

Professor Martin Karplus, Harvard University
A long-time scientific partner with BIOVIA and a 2013 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Professor Karplus has conducted research in many areas of theoretical chemistry and biochemistry and has presented his results in over 800 journal articles and book chapters, as well as two books. By pioneering the use of in silico methodologies in modeling complex chemical systems and reactions, he has transformed modeling and simulation from a specialized field to a central part of modern chemistry and structural biology.

Mark Meili, Procter & Gamble
Four billion times a day, Procter & Gamble brands touch the lives of people around the world. At P&G, our people work to make sure those brands live up to their promise to make everyday life just a little bit better, now and for generations to come. Modeling and simulation is a vital tool to assure we can meet these promises. Predicting consumer experience of everyday products is usually a multidiscipline problem requiring contributions from mechanical, chemical, biological and other scientific domains. These interactions, by their very nature, are multi-scale ranging from the chemical bonds that determine interface behavior and material structure to the large scale manufacturing systems used to produce products around the world. 

Tuesday Keynote Speakers

James Connelly, Sanofi
James Connelly, Ph.D. is currently the Global Head of Research Data Management at Sanofi Pharma for the integrated Drug Discovery Scientific Core Platform. Current efforts focus on driving a revolution in research informatics systems that leverages new information and computer technologies such as cloud-based research data platforms for collaboration, semantic technologies, artificial intelligence and “Big/All Data” technologies to make all relevant data available to drug discovery researchers. Under his guidance, Sanofi has implemented the cloud-based SAR Data Platform, BIOVIA ScienceCloud, for Drug Discovery Collaborations and for close interaction with CRO’s. He received his B.S in Biochemistry at the University of Minnesota and his Ph.D. in Plant Biochemistry from the University of California/Davis. After post-doctoral terms in Weed Science, Plant Pathology and an early career focused on Agricultural Biotechnology to improve crops, he moved into pharmaceutical research in the Combinatorial Chemistry Technology revolution. His contributions in this field include patents in chemistry technology, high-throughput analytical chemistry and binary chemical library-encoding informatics, as well as many innovations in large compound library production, quality control methodology, compound sample logistics and screening data analysis. His Combinatorial Chemistry functions have helped deliver well over 50 lead compounds into the pharmaceutical research pipeline. With this broad array of drug discovery experience, he turned into an advocate for research informatics support and works closely with the R&D IS and Scientific Computing functions to assure that scientists have the informatics systems and tools that they need for innovation in patient therapeutics.

David Misemer, 3M
David Misemer joined 3M in the 1980s after completing a post-doc in Condensed Matter Physics at Ames Laboratory in Iowa. He spent the majority of my career in mathematical modeling and simulation, either as a practitioner or manager. David has worked on in computational electromagnetics on projects from photovoltaic devices, guided wave optoelectronics, and RFID. In 2008 I moved to IT to manage 3M’s high performance computing (HPC) resources. David now manages a portfolio of applications and resources that include HPC, CAD/CAE/CAM, and support for technical knowledge management.

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