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Speaker Bios

Presenter: Leo Van Buren, Scientist, Unilever
Presentation Title: Structure Activity Relationship Studies on the Bitterness of Flavonoids & Related Compounds

Biography: Leo has earned a BS in chemistry and worked on the synthesis of polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccines for several years. In 2000 he has joined Unilever as a research scientist, where he is responsible for structure activity relationship studies, modelling of ADME properties and pharmacokinetic simulations of food ingredients. He is involved in a variety of pre-clinical and clinical projects with the aim to build food ingredient claims in the area of nutrition and health.

Presenter: Francine Acher, Research Director, CNRS
Presentation Title: Molecular Determinants of Agonist Selectivity in Glutamate-Gated Chloride Channels

Biography: Francine Acher is a CNRS Research Director at UMR 8601 leading a research group of 8 members (research scientists, technician, postdoc and PhD students) and is head of UMR 8601 (8 research groups).
All through her carrier F. Acher has been involved in the design and synthesis of non-natural amino acids and the investigation of their roles in various biological systems mostly in the CNS. She developed a specific expertise in molecular modeling in close interaction with biology allowing her major achievements in receptor activation mechanism and virtual high throughput screening. Her interdisciplinary research was made possible by close interaction with collaborators in different fields such as pharmacology, molecular biology and behavior. She has published 102 articles in peer reviewed journals (h-index 26) and filed 10 international patents.

Presenter: Sudharsan Sridharan, Ph.D., MedImmune, Cambridge, UK
Presentation Title: Application of Computational Structural Biology Tools in Biotherapeutic Drug Discovery

Biography: Sid Sridharan is a scientist in the Protein Sciences group within the Department of Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering at MedImmune Ltd, Cambridge, UK. As part of the computational structural biology team, he supports biotherapeutic projects across all therapeutic areas by providing key protein structural knowledge obtained from using sophisticated structural bioinformatics tools. Prior to joining MedImmune 4 ½ years ago, he worked as a postdoctoral research associate in Professor Sir Tom Blundell’s laboratory in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge. Sid obtained his Ph.D. in Medical Biosciences from Texas A&M University Health Science Center, USA, with a dissertation focussing on crystallographic structure determination of drug targets from M. tuberculosis.

JeremyPresenter: Jérémy Besnard, Chief Technology Officer, Ex Scientia
Presentation Title: De Novo Design of Polypharmacological Compounds in the Cloud – Bringing Expertise Together without Geographical Barriers

Biography: Jérémy graduated with a “Diplôme d’Ingénieur Chimiste” from The Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Montpellier in 2008. He then spent one year in industry at Pfizer Research Centre, Sandwich, in the Computational Chemistry group in 2007. Jérémy obtained his PhD in 2012 under the supervision of Pr. Andrew Hopkins at the University of Dundee, which led to the spin out of ex scientia Ltd, where Jérémy is Chief Technology Officer. Jérémy was awarded the University of Dundee College of Life Sciences Innovator of the Year 2013.

Luc Spitzer

Presenter: Luc Spitzer, IT Data Manager, Inventiva
Presentation Title: Gemsight – Integration of Accelrys Insight into Inventiva

Biography: Luc Spitzer holds a MSc in applied informatics, specialized in life science (University of Strasbourg). He was hired as Molecular Modeler at Fournier, France and then held similar positions at Solvay and Abbott, contributing to multiple projects, of which 5 pre-clinical compounds. After Inventiva took over Fournier’s research center in Dijon, he became responsible for data management, scientific applications, scientific reporting and integration.

Presenter: Jeroen Coppieters, Enterprise Architect, GSK
Presentation Title: BioRegistration at GSK -- a Journey & Strategic Cornerstone

Biography: Jeroen graduated as a Molecular Biologist at the University of Gent, Belgium, where he then set up a bioinformatics department supporting the Arabidopisis genome sequencing project. He joined  the European Bioinformatics institute where he designed and supported the first generation of internet services in support of the EBI databases and had a stint in product development in Accelrys. Currently he works as Enterprise Architect in GSK’s IT group developing strategies and enterprise solutions for the Pharma R&D organization.

Rob Brown

Presenter: Rob Brown, Senior Director of Life Sciences Marketing, BIOVIA
Presentation Title: BIOVIA Informatics Strategy & Roadmap

Biography: Rob Brown is Senior Director of Life Sciences Marketing at BIOVIA. In this role he is responsible for the cheminformatics, bioinformatics and modelling and simulation products for the Life Sciences industries. He has been with BIOVIA, formerly Accelrys, MSI and SciTegic for 16 years involved in the product direction of the Pipeline Pilot and Informatics product lines Prior to MSI, Rob was a member of the Computer Aided Molecular Design group at Abbott Laboratories. Rob received his PhD in Cheminformatics from the University of Sheffield, UK under the direction of Professor Peter Willett.

Craig Tulig Presenter: Craig Tulig,Director, Research Systems, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co
Presentation Title:
Changing the Engine while Flying the Airplane - New Systems & New Science in Oncology Research

Biography: Craig started in Life Sciences during the early days of genomics, where he build the bioinformatics platform for a small biotech startup, which was in the business of sequencing pathogens and doing human genetic research by positional cloning.  He later joined the Cheminformatics group of Millennium Pharmaceuticals where he led the development of the company’s main decision support system for Drug Discovery.  He came to Takeda through its acquisition of Millennium where he is now the Director of Research Systems.

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