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BIOVIA Cheminformatics Suite Webinars

Learn more about how the BIOVIA Cheminformatics Suite enables scientists to access, manage, analyze, report and share their scientific information in a unified environment that ensures consistency, accuracy and completeness of the chemistry and associated data, and how this can be shared between collaborators and CROs as part of multi-company discovery projects. This webinar series, led by leading researchers and BIOVIA scientists, covers new features, and a number of tools and applications included in the BIOVIA Cheminformatics Suite.

Webinars will continue to be added to this series, so please check back often.


Archived Webinars

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What’s new in Cheminformatics - Recent Updates to Direct, Draw, Insight and Insight for Excel
Presenter: Dr. Matthew Sage, Sr. Product Manager

This presentation covers new capabilities in the area of scientific decision support with updates to chemical searching and representation. We will show recent workflow updates, enhancements to Insight and Insight for Excel and updates to Direct and Draw and their impact on Insight. Finally, several new capabilities in BIOVIA Draw will be presented.

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BIOVIA Speeds Decisions with Next-Generation Insight 2.1 and Insight for Excel 2.1
Presenter: Tien Luu

In this webinar we will introduce BIOVIA Insight 2.1 and BIOVIA Insight for Excel 2.1. Our presenters will demonstrate how these latest releases continue the rapid evolution of BIOVIA’ wholly new, next-generation solution for interactively searching, browsing and visualizing data within the BIOVIA Cheminformatics Suite,

Join us to learn how:

  • BIOVIA Insight for Excel enhances scientific data analysis with important new capabilities including the ability to run database searches within the familiar Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet environment.
  • Web-based BIOVIA Insight drug discovery decision support environment now speeds decisions by simplifying access to hierarchical data and implementing data-rich tooltips for scatterplots.
  • The BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot protocol authoring application enables developers to tailor scientific calculations, visualizations, exports and reports targeted to specific needs and expertise within the BIOVIA Insight and insight for Excel environments.

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What's New in Biological Innovation: the BIOVIA Assay and Study Management Product Suite

Join us to hear about new features and functionality in the latest release of our unified biology assay and study management software suite consisting of BIOVIA BioRails DM 4.5, BIOVIA BioRails PTO 4.5 and BIOVIA Morphit 3.0.

The BIOVIA BioRails assay data management and project tracking/optimization applications with a powerful Morphit spreadsheet application help improve the efficiency and productivity of R&D scientists engaged in early-stage screening through in vitro ADME, in vivo DMPK and pharmacology experiments.

The latest 4.5 release of BIOVIA BioRails features numerous enhancements to support DMPK and also includes configurable linking, enabling integration with external applications like the BIOVIA Enterprise Platform and Scientific Ccmponent Collections, significantly improving personal and project team productivity. As well as providing a significantly redesigned and improved graphical user interface with drag-and-drop selection capabilities, the latest 3.0 release of BIOVIA Morphit offers new, out-of-the-box pharmacokinetics (PK) tools incorporating industry-standard formulas for calculating Area Under Curve, Clearance, Half Life and other PK parameters. Morphit 3.0 also provides enhanced charting capabilities, tighter integration with Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets and new statistical tests for in vivo profiling.

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Cheminformatics Migration Assessment Package by BIOVIA Professional Services
Tarkan Cevik, Senior Director, BIOVIA Professional Services

Andrew Le Beau Ph.D., Advisory Product Manager, Platform Technologies

With the launch of BIOVIA Insight, BIOVIA Cheminformatics Suite becomes a powerful set of core applications that provide a full-featured and extendable platform to implement Cheminformatics business solutions for our customers. In order to facilitate a smooth transition from legacy products, BIOVIA Professional Services is offering a migration assessment package. This webinar describes the scope, activities, deliverables, and availability of this best practice approach.

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Introducing BIOVIA Insight and Insight for Excel
Rob Brown Ph.D., Senior Director, Life Sciences

Andrew Le Beau Ph.D., Advisory Product Manager, Platform Technologies

BIOVIA Insight, the latest web-based application to join the BIOVIA Cheminformatics Suite, is designed to enhance productivity and innovation within discovery research teams by providing them with a modern, collaborative, scientific decision-support environment. Insight gives research scientists the ability to gather and analyze data and to collaborate within their teams, organizations, and across networked external organizations, to gain insight into their data and so make fast, effective decisions about how to make progress on their research projects.

BIOVIA Insight for Excel is an add-in to Microsoft Excel providing scientific data analysis capabilities within the familiar spreadsheet environment. Like Insight, Insight for Excel supports effective decision-making through the aggregation, analysis and presentation of scientific data.

This webinar will introduce both Insight and Insight for Excel, highlighting key features of the applications.

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