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Accelrys Speeds Decisions with Next-Generation Insight 2.1 and Insight for Excel 2.1

In this webinar we will introduce Accelrys Insight 2.1 and Accelrys Insight for Excel 2.1. Our presenters will demonstrate how these latest releases continue the rapid evolution of Accelrys’ wholly new, next-generation solution for interactively searching, browsing and visualizing data within the Accelrys Cheminformatics Suite,

Join us to learn how:

  • Accelrys Insight for Excel enhances scientific data analysis with important new capabilities including the ability to run database searches within the familiar Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet environment.
  • Web-based Accelrys Insight drug discovery decision support environment now speeds decisions by simplifying access to hierarchical data and implementing data-rich tooltips for scatterplots.
  • The Accelrys Pipeline Pilot protocol authoring application enables developers to tailor scientific calculations, visualizations, exports and reports targeted to specific needs and expertise within the Accelrys Insight and insight for Excel environments.

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