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What's New in Biological Innovation: the Accelrys Assay and Study Management Product Suite

p>Join us to hear about new features and functionality in the latest release of our unified biology assay and study management software suite consisting of Accelrys BioRails DM 4.5, Accelrys BioRails PTO 4.5 and Accelrys Morphit 3.0.

The Accelrys BioRails assay data management and project tracking/optimization applications with a powerful Morphit spreadsheet application help improve the efficiency and productivity of R&D scientists engaged in early-stage screening through in vitro ADME, in vivo DMPK and pharmacology experiments.

The latest 4.5 release of Accelrys BioRails features numerous enhancements to support DMPK and also includes configurable linking, enabling integration with external applications like the Accelrys Enterprise Platform and Scientific Ccmponent Collections, significantly improving personal and project team productivity. As well as providing a significantly redesigned and improved graphical user interface with drag-and-drop selection capabilities, the latest 3.0 release of Accelrys Morphit offers new, out-of-the-box pharmacokinetics (PK) tools incorporating industry-standard formulas for calculating Area Under Curve, Clearance, Half Life and other PK parameters. Morphit 3.0 also provides enhanced charting capabilities, tighter integration with Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets and new statistical tests for in vivo profiling.

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