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Predictive Sciences: A Transformational Opportunity For Pharmaceutical Research And Development

Pharmaceutical research and development is a time- and data-intensive endeavor that requires the ability to leverage experience and knowledge in order to avoid repeating mistakes of the past, minimize late stage attrition, and help ensure that the molecules we discover and put into development become medicines.

The Predictive Sciences Program at Merck is a comprehensive package of data access, aggregation, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics that will transform productivity by releasing Merck data and the associated computational models to inform the research and development decision making processes. We anticipate a transformational step change through optimizing the use of public data, Merck data, natural language processing, and predictive models for hypothesis generation. This capability will allow scientists to use enhanced judgment in decision making, resulting in reduced attrition and cycle time and increased Merck research and development pipeline productivity. This talk will provide an update on the creation of the predictive sciences platform at Merck

Dr. Chris Waller, Head of Scientific Modeling Platforms at Merck

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