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BIOVIA Formulations Development Webinars

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry relies on continuous product innovation to introduce successful new products and drive business growth. Formulations are the lifeblood of the CPG organization and key to product innovation, particularly when adding new attributes to an existing product can extend that product’s lifecycle as a revenue generator.

The BIOVIA Formulation Development Solution for CPG has the capabilities needed to optimize lab efficiency and solve the digital challenges of your lab. Our solution enables formulation labs to move from paper to digital solutions, thereby removing a number of impediments to efficiency.

Webinars will continue to be added to this series, please check back often.

Past Webinars in the Series

Title and Speaker

Supporting Sustainable Development Under REACH
Presented by: Frank Schaffer, Director, Technical Sales, BIOVIA Dassault Systèmes


Maximize the significant opportunity to improve existing product performance and streamline new product development.

This webinar will cover:

  • Understand how intelligently planned formulations can ensure sustainable products.
  • Understand how toxicity databases can support toxicity prediction for new regulated substances.
  • Understand how inventories can be managed to comply with REACH and other regulations.
  • Understand the tools available to collect structured data to assess absence of negative effects.

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From REACH Compliance to Innovation – Making Use of Data and Tools


This webinar will explore how ECHA supports scientists and product development leaders to leverage the wealth of information that is and has been generated around Reach to accelerate innovation.

The webinar will cover the data and tools that are currently available and have proven to be of benefit to innovation leaders. Among these is the OECD QSAR tool that utilizes molecular and test data to predict properties for new compounds, especially in the context of substitution of undesirable chemicals.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What type of data and which tools are used to accelerate innovation
  • How these data and tools can be used in terms of sustainable product development
  • How substitution of chemicals can be achieved in a fast and robust manner using REACH data and ECHA assists companies in this strategy in particular

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What is Digital Formulation?
Presented by: David Nicolaides, Senior Solutions Consultant, BIOVIA Dassault Systèmes


Digitization is a key enabler of both incremental and disruptive change in many industries.

As the formulations industry adopts digital practices, we may now have enough data to try to predict which efforts will succeed and which will struggle. We are looking for a “predictive model” for digitalization, if you will.

This webinar will cover:

  • How digitization can be applied selectively over the life-cycle of a product
  • How a pragmatic approach to digital representation can lead to significant progress, demonstrated with examples from the capture of lab data and its analysis (especially "model-free" analysis methods)
  • The lure of standardized representations (formulation ontologies) and their benefits once implemented

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Using Electronic Laboratory Notebooks in the Food and Beverage Industry
Presented by: Mats Kihlen, Product Manager, BIOVIA Notebook, BIOVIA Dassault Systèmes

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) have been used for a long time in the Pharma and Biotech industries. While certain aspects may be industry specific, the need to document and share information is clearly applicable also within Food and Beverage (F&B). This webinar will discuss the key aspects of how the F&B lab can benefit from an ELN, with examples of successful customer deployments. You will also learn how BIOVIA Notebook works. This easy to use, easy to scale solution helps labs to improve documentation and share information between sites globally.

Attendees will discover:

  • Use Case examples of companies using ELN’s to increase collaboration and efficiency
  • How to overcome typical ELN implementation concerns
  • How an ELN streamlines lab workflows and the formulation process
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How to Drive Innovation in Formulated Products through Predictive Analytics
Presented by: Sean O’Hare, Principal Application Scientist, BIOVIA Dassault Systèmes

Poorly managed R&D systems and processes can often hinder innovation velocity. This is because R&D experimental data is often only used once and not properly analyzed, instead existing in paper-based systems, employees’ minds or organizational silos. However, this makes it not searchable, difficult to find and impossible to share.

Digitization is a key enabler of incremental, transformational and disruptive change in the formulated industries.

Join this webinar to learn why predictive analytics are the next step forward, and how you can better manage your R&D systems.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How digital continuity connects all stages of the product lifecycle
  • How a connected lab improves overall data quality and integrity
  • How predictive analytics and machine learning help to design better experiments and predict formulation performance
  • How virtual and real materials labs can converge for better decision making and strategic choices
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Going Digital in a Consumer Goods Lab
Presented by: Steve Hayward, Product Marketing Manager, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA Synopsis:

Join this webinar to learn the key aspects of how the consumer goods development lab can benefit from an electronic lab notebook (ELN).

Attendees will learn how:

  • How specific challenges of Consumer Goods companies like F&B, Cosmetics and tobacco can be addressed with a digital lab approach
  • How to overcome typical ELN implementation concerns
  • Organizations are preserving the digital thread of testing information related to their products
  • How an ELN streamlines lab workflows, rather than impeding them
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Staying Compliant Requires More than Food Safety Testing
Presented by: Steve Hayward, Product Marketing Manager, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA Synopsis:

Join this webinar to learn the key aspects of food safety testing in the current regulatory environment, and how digital lab strategies can help F&B companies improve compliance by linking a digital thread of testing information to their products as well as preserving knowledge for future development.

Attendees will learn how:

  • The specific challenges of F&B companies are being addressed with a digital transition in the lab
  • Companies are using solutions such as ELNs to drive collaboration, efficiency, and compliance
  • Organizations are preserving the digital thread of testing information related to their products
  • Digital solutions streamline workflows, rather than impeding them
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The Food Safety Modernization Act; Shifting from Reactive to Preventive Food Safety
Speaker: Ed Johnson, Regulatory Affairs of Counsel to Axendia

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), signed into law in 2011, gave the US FDA expanded authority to regulate how foods are grown, harvested and processed. Under the FSMA, FDA’s approach to food safety has moved from reactive to preventive, with a focus on controls to prevent or minimize the likelihood of problems occurring in the food supply chain.

In this webinar, we will discuss the background of the FSMA, the rules and guidance issued pursuant to it, and the FDA’s preventive approach to food safety. We will focus on aspects of the FSMA that implicate the importance of data integrity in the food supply chain, and discuss how implementing quality programs with compliance as a baseline can help ensure food safety while supporting brand equity and professional reputation.

  • Background: The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), rules and guidance 2011 to date
  • FDA's Shift from reactive to preventive food safety under FSMA
  • The impact of data integrity on food safety, quality and compliance

Watch now to find out what further successful approaches, best practices and technologies are applied by top performers in their daily operations to achieve higher levels of quality and innovation at reduced cost.

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New Research Findings: Top CPG Performers Successes Revealed
Speaker: Jim Brown, President and Analyst, Tech-Clarity

Tech-Clarity's Jim Brown will discuss new research results that show the top challenges, the impacts and the gaps CPG companies have identified in their processes. Key findings show that 86% of the respondents indicate that product quality has a significant impact on their business. While, 50% of the top performers are taking a more integrated approach for process improvement, regulatory compliance, product safety, and sustainability.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How basic challenges are impacting the CPG business
  • What top CPG performers do to rise above these challenges
  • How to overcome process and technology gaps to improve your operations

Watch now to find out what further successful approaches, best practices and technologies are applied by top performers in their daily operations to achieve higher levels of quality and innovation at reduced cost.

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How to Enhance Innovation and Quality in CPG Formulations
Speaker: Nick Reynolds, Principal Application Scientist, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA
Daniela Jansen, Director, BIOVIA Solution Marketing

Formulation design is a continuous process in the increasingly regulated CPG industry. Scientists must be able to rely on good data quality and streamlined processes to deliver formulation innovation faster while remaining compliant. Join Dassault Systémes - BIOVIA where we will discuss the key aspects of data quality and integrity in the lab as well as approaches customers in the CPG industry have taken to introduce fast yet compliant processes in the lab.

Attendees will discover:
  • How to overcome typical compliance challenges in the CPG industry
  • How CPG lab processes can be streamlined in an impactful way
  • Answers to the most pressing questions around CPG lab workflows
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How to Drive Innovation in Formulated Products Through Improved Data Management
Speaker: Nick Reynolds, Principal Application Scientist, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Companies developing formulated products face challenges in rapidly introducing new products to market as well as meeting customers’ expectations. Roadblocks impeding time to market often come from reduced R&D productivity. Much of R&D experimental data is only used once, may exist in paper systems or in siloes, and is not searchable. This makes it difficult to find and share data among researchers which can hamper innovation. To succeed, R&D organizations must speed up the pace of innovation.

During this session, strategies will be discussed for increasing lab, researcher, and experiment efficiency, the technology available to drive these efficiencies, the application of modelling & simulation methods to design better experiments as well as how formulation development labs today are achieving the next level of successful innovation.

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How to Enable Data Quality Across the Product Lifecycle in the CPG Industry
Speaker: Nick Reynolds, Principle Applications Scientist, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Your data related to product quality, safety and regulatory compliance are intrinsically linked.

Yet so often this essential data is spread out in disparate, error prone, paper based systems.

This webinar introduces a solution: an integrated system which connects all stages of the product lifecycle. From ideation and creation to product development and manufacturing.

This webinar outlines how, through "Digital Continuity", data can be maintained from the ideation/discovery phase through development, safety and environmental testing and regulatory approval to manufacturing.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Make better decisions and make them faster
  • Improve overall data quality and integrity
  • Save time usually wasted identifying data and ensuring accuracy
  • • Encourage standard work practices across your organisation

Register today to find out how you can design quality and regulatory compliance into every stage of your product life cycles

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How a Connected Lab Can Foster Sustainability
Speaker: Dr. Andy Mott, Advisory Field Applications Scientist

Sustainability is more than a buzz word to be incorporated in a company’s public vision. It is becoming part of many companies’ culture and re-engineering the way companies work. Sustainability targets for a laboratory include not just efficiency and reduced use of materials but also product reformulations to minimize environmental impact. The pace of change requires rapid innovation which in turn requires laboratories to make maximum use of their skills and knowledge. This is where a connected digital lab can make a significant beneficial impact.

Join this complimentary webinar to discover what a connected digital lab can look like and how it can help improve productivity, reduce raw material usage, and comply with quality, safety and regulatory requirements.

Attendees of the webinar will learn how to:

  • Exchange consistent data and information more easily to improve collaboration, uncover insights, and make better decisions faster
  • Streamline and automate workflows with integrated solutions to allow scientists to focus on science
  • Reduce the number of physical experiments by leveraging existing data to optimize raw material use and reduce environmental footprint
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The Electronic Lab Notebook - a bridge for people and systems
Presented by: Mats Kihlen , Product Manager, Dassault Systemes BIOVIA and Morten Meldgaard, Project Excellence Director, Chr. Hansen

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) have been used for many years in the Pharma industry for documentation across different sites and multiple teams, but the use of ELNs in other industries is relatively new.

Chr. Hansen, a pioneer in food R&D for the dairy industry, was an early ELN adopter within the food industry. They use their ELN (BIOVIA Notebook) to capture, protect and share innovation data in their organization while successfully connecting multiple sites and systems. This allows them to effectively bridge technology with their R&D centers.

Webinar attendees will gain the following from the session:

  • The value of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for CPG and Food & Beverage industries
  • Experiences from Chr. Hansen on how Electronic Lab Notebooks can connect sites and systems
  • Scalable deployment options for fast user acceptance and uptake in large organizations

Register for this live webinar to get a first-hand account of the use of ELN's within R&D teams in the Consumer Packaged Goods and Food and Beverage sectors.

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Chemical Management: A Multifunctional Approach for Delivering a Robust Chemical Management Program
Tom Lillie

Knowledge of materials is the lifeblood of a product development organization. Material data is needed for employee and customer safety, environmental monitoring and disposal, material and formula development, product registration, and quality. However, responsibilities for managing materials often reside with multiple entities within an organization; typically, these entities do not take advantage of the synergies between their needs. This presentation will examine the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary approach in achieving a cost-effective and sustainable chemical management program.

During this session, attendees will learn how to optimize the collection and maintenance of data, minimize the organizational cost, and apply a staged implementation of an agile application that can deliver benefits across an entire organization while providing a more robust chemical management solution.

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The Data Enabled Revolution in Formulations Development
Nick Reynolds, Principal Application Scientist, BIOVIA

In the fast–paced, competitive product development environment innovation can be time consuming and improving efficiency whilst reducing costs is challenging. Additional barriers such as risk and compliance could also be limiting your formulation efficiency.

A remarkable opportunity exists to accelerate formulations and materials innovation that lies at the heart of new product development that will result in a revolution in Materials-by-Design

You are invited to join a live webinar on Wednesday 13 April, The Data Enabled Revolution in Formulations Development with Principal Application Scientist, Nick Reynolds from BIOVIA as he discusses how modelling and simulation combined with the use of informatics can radically transform your technology innovation and formulation developments.

Session Highlights

  • Uncover how to optimize formulations to meet product specifications
  • Learn how multi-domain, multi-scale and multi-physics models can improve formulation efficiency
  • Discover how to leverage existing data to build predictive models for performance
  • Understand how ‘digital twins’ can radically transform your technology innovation

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Disruptive Innovation: The Data-Enabled Revolution in Formulations
Nick Reynolds, PhD, Principle Application Scientist, BIOVIA

Join us to hear how modeling and simulation combined with informatics can speed time to commercialization for engineered materials, and ultimately deliver true multi-domain, multi-scale and multi-physics models that accurately create the digital twin of real world systems to radically transform technology innovation.

You will learn how to:

  • Enable technology that encourages scientific creativity and collaboration
  • Solve data challenges with digital tools–from efficient capture of experimental observations through product optimization and process scale-up by driving collaborative innovation across the entire product lifecycle through digital continuity
  • Apply virtual screening methods to predict materials properties to enable more rational experimentation
  • Create sustainable innovation in the enterprise R&D centers

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