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Characterizing and Analyzing Materials
with Spectra

Spectral analysis, whether Raman, infra-red, UV-visible, NMR, or X-ray - is widely used in the characterization and analysis of materials and chemicals. Spectra allow us to verify that we have made the material we intended to; they enable us to assess the purity of materials we have synthesized; and spectra help us to understand the ingredients and performance of formulations. Spectral analysis is an important tool for companies who rely on materials innovation to differentiate themselves, but working with and interpreting spectral data can be complex and tedious.

This webinar will explore the application of modeling and simulation to working with and understanding spectral data.

You’ll learn about:

  • Automating spectral data manipulation (e.g. background subtraction & peak identification)
  • Structure prediction from experimental data
  • Predicting spectra for a series of alternative molecules
  • Identifying materials in complex reactions
  • Combining experimental and predicted spectra

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