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Electronic Lab Notebooks in the “First to File” Era: What Every R&D Organization Needs to Know

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The America Invents Act (the AIA) fundamentally changed U.S. patent laws. On March 16, 2013, longstanding U.S. laws granting patent rights to “the first-to-invent” were largely replaced by laws granting patent rights to “the first-inventor-to-file” a patent application. Explore legal pros and cons of employing ELNs and learn:

  • Potential uses for ELNs under the AIA
  • Using electronic record in the Patent Office and U.S. Courts
  • Creating legally admissible and reliable ELN records
  • General considerations in selecting, designing, and implementing ELN systems, policies and procedures

Presented by: Colin Sandercock, Partner at Perkins Coie LLP
Ted Pawela, Senior Director, Product Marketing - Accelrys


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