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Engineering New Materials with Nano-Science

Research suggests that at least 20% of all product innovation is based on the introduction of new and innovative materials. The performance and properties of composites, alloys, polymers, glass, and every other material is governed by molecular structures and interactions – yet few engineers recognize how they can improve materials performance by manipulating and adjusting matter at the atomistic level.

This webinar will explore the application of modeling and simulation to evaluate and improve the mechanical, thermal, electrical, and other properties of materials.

You’ll learn about:

  • Overview of quantum, atomistic, and mesoscale methods for materials modeling
  • Evaluating mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of engineering materials using modeling
  • Use of "virtual screening" methods to explore a materials design space and guide experimentation
  • Automating calculations
  • Storing, documenting, and re-using simulation results

Presented by: Dr. Nick Reynolds, Director – Modelling and Simulation, Accelrys


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