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New Approaches in Formulation Chemistry

Combining ingredients to create better products and materials has been a discipline that required its own mix of art, science, experience, and knowledge. Cosmetics, foods, flavorants, chemicals, drugs, paints, adhesives and many more of the products we rely upon as both consumers and manufacturers rely on formulation stability, manufacturability, solubility, breakdown, and overall performance. But, with almost infinite combinations of ingredients and recipes it is a daunting task for the formulator to optimize formulated products.

This webinar will explore the application of modeling and simulation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of formulations science.

You’ll learn about:

  • Evaluating miscibility
  • Evaluating reactivity and energy of reactions
  • Analytical characterization of formulations
  • Automating calculations
  • Storing, documenting, and re-using simulation results

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