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Webinar Series: Materials Studio 5.0

High-throughput Quantum Chemistry and Virtual Screening for Lithium Ion Battery Electrolyte Materials

The use of virtual structure libraries for computational screening to identify lead systems for further investigation has become a standard approach in drug discovery. Transferring this paradigm to challenges in material science is a recent possibility due to advances in the speed of computational resources and the efficiency and stability of materials modeling packages. This makes it possible for individual calculation steps to be executed in sequence comprising a high-throughput quantum chemistry workflow, in which material systems of varying structure and composition are analyzed in an automated fashion with the results collected in a growing data record. This record can then be sorted and mined to identify lead candidates and establish critical structure-property limits within a given chemical design space. To-date, only a small number of studies have been reported in which quantum chemical calculations are used in a high-throughput fashion to compute properties and screen for optimal materials solutions. However, with time, high-throughput computational screening will become central to advanced materials research. In this presentation, the use of high-throughput quantum chemistry to analyze and screen a materials structure library is demonstrated for Li-Ion battery additives based on ethylene carbonate (EC).

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