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Webinar Series: Materials Studio 5.5

Materials Modeling & Simulation for Pharmaceutical Development

In this webinar Accelrys Principle Scientist, Michael Doyle, discusses Modeling and Informatics tools and how they aid in the manufacturing development of pharmaceutical materials while offering the potential to directly improve the drug development process. Learn about the benefits of Modeling & Informatics for:

  • Increased knowledge of drug materials to increase confidence in drug performance and reduce overall development risk
  • Streamlining of pharmaceutical formulation and development efforts by early characterization of drug materials to avoid potential pitfalls and dead ends
  • Early insights into likely stability of specific drug forms supporting selection of preferred formulations in development
  • Leveraging available experimental data to better understand the drug at the molecular level and provide tangible opportunities to anticipate drug behavior and interactions, including understanding of the potential impact of material variability on manufacturing development efforts.

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