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BIOVIA ONE Lab Webinars

Biotherapeutics R&D faces a series of different challenges: whether it is declining margins, increased competition from generics and biosimilars, or tightening regulatory oversight, the pressure to streamline operations and improve productivity has never been higher. Traditional models for laboratory management are becoming more and more unsustainable.

As organizations externalize and spread globally, managing the growing flood of data is key to ensuring long term success. However, paper-based systems cannot effectively scale to keep up with the need to more efficiently leverage existing knowledge resources, causing larger development costs, longer cycle times, and higher compliance risk.

The BIOVIA ONE Lab Industry Solution Experience provides a unified digital laboratory experience, supporting a seamless flow of data between people, places, inventory, and instruments.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Title and Speaker
Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

8 am PST
11 am EST
5 pm CEST

What's new in Lab Informatics
Gene Tetreault, Senior Director, Unified Laboratory Management, BIOVIA Dassault Systèmes

Today’s Life Sciences industry is facing major challenges including patent expirations and low R&D productivity, increasing competition globally and decreasing margins, as well as non-optimized processes and compliance pressure. This results in cost pressure and long cycle times.

Join us for this webinar where we will detail new features and enhancements of the Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA "Unified Lab Informatics" solutions including Compose, Capture, Samples, and Task Plan, designed to address the challenges listed above and more.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Key Industry Drivers pushing labs toward end-to-end digital workflows
  • The future of laboratory and process optimization
  • Major benefits to lab workflows from leveraging digital continuity from development to commercialization
  • How mobile procedure and method execution supports the full lab workflow
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Past Webinars

Title and Speaker

Data Management Solutions
Stephen Hayward, BIOVIA Dassault Systèmes

Accurate and reliable recording of laboratory data is essential to the research process. Having a comprehensive data management protocol in place can help when it comes to laboratory audits and is often required by funding agencies. New solutions allow for easy sample tracking, workflow integration, and data sharing. Join Lab Manager and our panel of industry experts as we discuss the latest platforms available for data management.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • The latest technical solutions to attain your data management objectives
  • How to build a data management strategy that works for your lab
  • Best practices for data management before, during, and after data collection
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The Lab Digitalization Loop Picks up Speed
Gerhard Noelken, MD, Founder and Owner, Data4Lab LTD | Business Development, Europe, Pistoia Alliance, Inc.

Many components will need to be combined to create the Lab of the Future that fits the needs of your organization. Understanding the individual components in terms of functionality and their ability to integrate into your workflow will be crucial for success. The time dimension in terms of availability and maturity of the components needs to be considered. Many parts like IoT are available today, while we might have to wait several years for the maturity of other parts like Quantum computing. Flexibility and a clear focus on components that promise instant return on investment in your environment will be prerequisites for the long-term success of your project.

Join us for this complimentary webinar where we will discuss key components that will change the Laboratory environment of the future, including:

  • Laboratory workflow
  • Data formats
  • Semantic technology
  • IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence
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Digitalizing Tech Transfer
Jim Brown, President, Tech-Clarity

How are these companies leveraging digitalization in order to transition products from the lab to the plant quickly and with high quality? How are they using production data to allow R&D to continuously improve products and operations?

Independent research firm Tech-Clarity conducted a survey to find out. Access this presentation to hear preliminary findings.

You will:

  • Hear what preliminary survey analysis uncovers about the benefits of digitalizing tech transfer
  • Understand the impact of CMO, CRO, CDMO, and contract lab services companies on complexity
  • Understand what processes, organizational approaches, and technologies top performing companies adopt differently than their poorer performing competitors
  • Learn how a more integrated, data-centric approach improves results
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You Have All Your Scientific Data, Now What?

Between patents, publications, internal and external data sources and experiments, scientists have more data available to them than ever before. The challenge is being able to find usable information among all that data. Scientific Search from Dassault Systèmes offers scientists a means to cohesively collect, relate, and search scientific data to find the knowledge they need when they need it.

From determining if new therapeutic candidates are toxic, based on related compounds, to seeing if a novel catalyst falls under a competitor’s patent protection and more. Scientific Search provides the scientific expertise to help your team make the most of what they (and their colleagues) know.

Attend this complimentary webinar to learn:

  • How scientifically aware search tools can improve competitive intelligence and support IP development
  • How aggregating and exploring experimental results can cut down on unnecessary experimentation
  • How understanding the relationships between experiments can spur discovery
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What R&D Can Learn from Crime Analysis: A Question-Based Approach to Product Development
Dr. Barbara Holtz, PhD., Senior Business Consultant, BIOVIA Dassault Systèmes
Ian Kerman, BIOVIA Global Portfolio Technical Specialist, BIOVIA Dassault Systèmes

Product Development across many industries faces increasing pressures around speed, complexity and sustainability. R&D departments have to navigate through a wealth of scientific, technical and regulatory information.

Policing faces similar problems: organized crime analysis usually involves a large amount of information in a highly complex network of actors. Police forces in the UK use an intelligent approach to analysis centered around a set of questions which direct data gathering and analysis, keeping investigations focused towards the desirable outcome.

During this webinar we will demonstrate a solution, which employs such a concept of a question-based approach as well as providing guidance through a set of questions to a team of product developers.

Learn how product specifications can be linked to data to:

  • Allow project managers to quickly understand the status of ongoing projects
  • Drive the re-use of more data and in-silico methods
  • Aid continuous improvement of project management in R&D by allowing a retrospective analysis of projects using a sequence of questions against success and cost of projects.
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Leveraging New Technologies in Lab – Why and How?
Dr. Daniela Jansen, BIOVIA, Dassault Systèmes

In this 20 minute webinar, we share insights from the recent 2018 SmartLab Exchange and discuss how new advanced technologies such as; data lakes and advanced analytics, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) or cloud, can be leveraged to tackle long standing challenges and to provide value to your business.

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Selecting a Data Management Solution for Your Lab
Stephen Hayward, Product Marketing Manager, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

All research projects require a certain amount of data management, and with many funding agencies requiring scientists to establish good data management practices, understanding how to manage your lab’s data is critical. To help sort out the numerous choices available, the editors of Lab Manager have assembled a team of industry experts to discuss the latest trends in data management. Join the discussion, ask questions, and learn more in the live webinar presentation.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • How to build an effective data management toolkit
  • The latest technical solutions to attain your data management objectives
  • Best practices for data management before, during, and after your research is collected
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Simplifying Digital Strategies – Moving Beyond Point Solutions in Lab Informatics
Stephen Hayward, Product Marketing Manager, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Different lab informatics applications (and their acronyms) have multiplied exponentially in the past decade. Unfortunately, this makes most companies’ digital landscapes overwhelmingly complex. However, as products have matured, there is now the opportunity for technologies to converge together – creating more integrated lab informatics solutions which further streamline workflows and increase efficiencies.

  • How informatics applications such as ELNs, LIMS, LES and others are converging into integrated solutions
  • How removing barriers between applications leads to better collaboration, efficiency and data integrity
  • How technology convergence and data standardization is powering the next generation of data analytics
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Laboratory Informatics Today
Presented by: Stephen Hayward, PhD, Product Marketing Manager – Life Sciences R&D, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Addressing life science industry challenges with unified informatics solutions

The expectation of doing more with fewer resources in the lab, and the continuing trend towards digitalization of data in the lab producing more and more data every year, demands a transformation of lab operations. Standardization helps organizations to organize and leverage this data for improved efficiency and collaboration and decision making. And the integration of core capabilities like materials and sample management as well as the execution of procedures leads to reduced errors, improved compliance and efficiency and advanced knowledge management in the lab.

As a result of these challenges, the life sciences industry has been turning towards more unified scientific informatics solutions to facilitate and optimize the management of both R&D information and QA/QC data. Many companies have patched together disparate IT systems in an attempt to meet these demands; however, at best, the result has been interminable custom-coding processes with excessive total cost of ownership and validation/compliance shortcomings. Companies are also turning to web-based and cloud-enabled solutions to lower the cost of ownership simplify their IT infrastructure overhead.

This webinar will explore how pharmaceutical organizations and others are leveraging unified informatics solutions to increase efficiency, collaboration, knowledge management, and ultimately shorten time-to-market. It will cover how the breadth of BIOVIA’s current informatics offerings help solve the multitude of challenges faced by the life science industry, providing a unified suite of capabilities and scientific experiences, while utilizing industry standards and providing an open framework that can integrate with other systems.

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The Allotrope Integration Project: “Looking Under the Hood” of the Unified Lab
Presented by: Gene Tetreault Sr. Director, Product Management, Unified Laboratory Management, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Digital technology is everywhere in our daily lives. We are living in a technology revolution. Data, pictures, movies and music are just a tap or a click away. The Allotrope Foundation’s mission is to bring that same revolution to science with the way we acquire, share and gain insights from scientific data, through a community and the framework for standardization and linked data.

Join us for this complimentary webinar detailing the Allotrope Integration Project, driving toward the Holistic Lab by leveraging the Allotrope framework.

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The Internet of (Laboratory) Things - Are You Ready for the Perfect Storm?
Presented by: Dr. Daniela Jansen, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Efficiency and productivity needs are driving science-based organizations to look into leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for the laboratory.

New technologies enable the connection of a plethora of different new devices. To efficiently use them in a meaningful way, organizations must consider available technologies, data formats, and platforms to create the “perfect storm” for a new laboratory experience that will transform how we are working today.

This webinar will discuss the IoTs adding value to the laboratory, the prerequisites for success, and it will highlight what new laboratory experiences can look like.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Establish which “Things” can be relevant for the lab
  • Learn what technological aspects need to be considered for leveraging IoT in the lab
  • Understand the impact and value of IoT for the lab
  • Get inspired with examples of how the ‘Internet of Laboratory Things’ (IoLT) can be used in the future
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Scientific Computing World Presents - Leverage Learning Between Labs
Presented by: Peter Boogaard CEO, Industrial Lab Automation
Daniela Jansen Director Product Marketing, BIOVIA

This webcast has been designed to provide a guide to laboratory users who wish to increase their capacity for data transfer and collaboration. In addition to laboratory managers and decision makers, this webcast is suitable for scientists and researchers who want to ’leverage learning’ to accelerate their laboratory practices.

Hosted by Scientific Computing World, this webinar will cover:

  • Why collaboration is an investment strategy for your future success
  • The importance of collaboration and the critical elements
  • How scientific collaboration generates true business value
  • Customer stories showing how users have been able to improve the efficiency and quality of their scientific work through effortless data sharing, improved collaboration and easier decision making
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Data Management - Current Trends in Laboratory Informatics
Presented by: Alok Tayi, Ph.D. CEO and Co-Founder TetraScience
Steve Hayward, Ph.D. Product Marketing Manager Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

As data moves to an increasingly electronic format, accessibility and organization become essential components to your lab's success. Whether you enlist the help of an informatics team or choose to independently manage, the need to adapt to demands of research science has never been greater. In cooperation with leading industry specialists, Lab Manager will outline a strategic plan to the successful evaluation, implementation, and utilization of the most recent advances in informatics technology. Learn how to remain competitive by developing more robust and scalable data management systems for your laboratory through this free webinar.

Request this on-demand webinar to learn more about how to:

  • Enhance data accessibility and security
  • Maximize productivity and innovation through informatics architecture
  • Integrate multiple lab systems with minimal workflow interruption

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Data Integrity - A Requirement for FDA Compliance, Quality and Beyond
Presented by: Daniel R. Matlis President, Axendia
Daniela Jansen Director Product Marketing, BIOVIA
Cyril Walsh Sr. Presales Manager, BIOVIA

Data integrity and quality are foundational for regulatory compliance and good science, an issue that was recently highlighted by new FDA guidance for Data Integrity and Compliance with cGMP". This guidance was issued to address a growing number of data integrity violations and underscores the importance of data quality and integrity to support intellectual property protection and patient filings in regulated and non-regulated spaces.

Intended for leaders in science-based organizations, this webinar about how to achieve integrity of scientific and quality data in your organization will examine the relevance of data integrity and how it can be achieved from a process and technology perspective. We will discuss the impact and value of data integrity for an organization, how BIOVIA solutions can help, and share examples where customers have been able to ensure data integrity by implementing these solutions realizing tangible business value.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Why are regulators around the globe focusing on data integrity
  • How does the FDA guidance define and address data integrity
  • What is the importance and relevance of data integrity
  • How the BIOVIA solutions can help

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IDC Insights Webinar: Operational Excellence in Times of Rapid Change in Life Sciences
Presented by: Alan Louie, Ph.D., Research Director, IDC Health Insights

Changes in the life science industry have been unusually dramatic and swift, resulting in core paradigm shifts in both strategies and processes.

Leaders in this area have recognized that the industry is not significantly different from other industries, enabling them to adapt cross-industry best practices in an accelerated fashion in pursuit of both strategic advantage and operational excellence.

Join Alan S. Louie, Ph.D. of IDC Health Insights for this informative webinar on the challenges and strategies available to life science organizations. Webinar attendees will gain IDC’s expert insight and analysis on the following areas:

  • Trends and implications: The latest industry trends and findings from IDC, and what they imply for future success
  • Innovation Strategies: Highlighting the most imposing challenges facing life science innovation plans and the implications of successful strategies
  • A new collaborative framework for innovation: Introducing IDC’s new framework for improved collaboration between R&D and manufacturing teams that includes improved data access and utilization, better collaboration and improved processes across the scientific lifecycle
  • Operational Excellence: The capabilities that are afforded by this new, collaborative framework
  • IDC Opinion and Guidance: Recommendations for developing effective collaborative tools and processes
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Speed time to market through operational excellence with ONE Lab
Dr. Daniela Jansen, Product Marketing Manager, BIOVIA - Dassault Systèmes

How can a unified lab solution help optimize lab operations and leverage scientific knowledge?

By now, you’ve experienced the pain that most pharmaceutical and biotech organizations face of getting more effective products to market faster. You’ve heard discussions of how a digital lab can help optimize data, people and processes to foster scientific innovation.

Dr. Daniela Jansen of Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA brand discusses how the ONE Lab experience improves efficiency and collaboration by integrating people, resources, processes and data. She provides details and examples of how ONE Lab helps our customers achieve long term success by gaining laboratory operational excellence that drives faster innovation, easier tech transfer and improved quality. In this webinar, you will learn how ONE Lab can help:

  • Increase lab productivity and improve margins
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Globalize the organization
  • Share knowledge across labs, locales and domains
  • Connect research, development and quality
  • Improve compliance and traceability
  • Reduce quality and compliance effort

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