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Spreading the Scientific Wealth: How to Deploy Pipeline Pilot Protocols within your Organization

Pipeline Pilot is a great tool for developing scientific web services and applications that allow you to do more science, faster. Using the visual programming environment (see “Programming with Accelrys Pipeline Pilot” Jan 14th, 2014), you can rapidly develop and update Pipeline Pilot protocols to enhance your personal productivity.

But don’t keep these all to yourself! You should spread the wealth to your colleagues and partners. Pipeline Pilot and the Accelrys Enterprise Platform provide multiple ways to distribute your scientific web services and applications into your organization, from simple ones (e.g., a simple url) to much more professional and enterprise ones (using some of our SDKs).

In this webinar, we will introduce the various options and explore when to use each one.

Presented by: Eddy Vande Water, Director Field Applications Scientist, Accelrys

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