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What’s New in Imaging and Sequencing

This webinar will cover enhancements in the 9.2 release of BIOVIA Foundation (formerly Accelrys Enterprise Platform) and Pipeline Pilot for Imaging and Sequencing Collections.

In Imaging, development has been focused in two broad areas. First, machine learning. We added several advanced feature detectors. Those features can be made available in the Image annotator, another mini application we have continued to improve. The image annotator enables supervised learning (think of it like tagging in Facebook). There has also been quite a bit of development in supporting assay analysis and management. We developed a prototype High Content Screening Workbench and integrated with the leading tools in preclinical imaging to support both on-premises and cloud based deployments.

Numerous improvements have also been made on the Next Generation and Sequence Analysis Collections for the Pipeline Pilot 9.2 release. We continue to enhance performance for jobs run locally as well as in HPC environments. We will also introduce the NGS workbench prototype. The workbench guides users in a friendly web interface and is easily customizable as it runs in WebPort.

Presented by Tim Moran, Director Product Management, BIOVIA

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