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What's New in Pipeline Pilot 9.2 and Introducing the BIOVIA Foundation

As part of the recent acquisition by Dassault Systèmes, Accelrys has been renamed “BIOVIA”, and we are rebranding Accelrys Enterprise Platform to the “BIOVIA Foundation”. We also released the latest version of Pipeline Pilot and Accelrys Enterprise Platform (AEP), release 9.2, at the end of June.

This webinar will cover new features in Pipeline Pilot including the new Mobile Collection (briefly, since it has a webinar all of its own later in August!), which allows protocol authors to write protocols that end-users can access on their iOS devices (as well as regular web browsers), with the capability to utilize multi-modal input such as the camera and GPS. We’ll also cover the Thomson Reuters Collection, which allows you to access rich information from the Thomson Reuters Cortellis databases directly from Pipeline Pilot.

For AEP (now BIOVIA Foundation) this release extends the capabilities and reach of the Platform with standards like SAML2 Web Single Sign On, RESTful APIs, and more. There were also significant changes to how parallel subprotocols work, making them easier to set up and improving performance.

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