Maximizing Data Science Initiatives with an Empowered Workforce
Strategies to Unify Data Science Efforts
Featuring Research from Gartner
Gene Tetreault

John McCarthy, Global Sr. Technical Sales Director
BIOVIA, Dassault Systèmes

Data science tools and techniques are rapidly becoming more accessible, leading to an increasingly tech-savvy workforce. These “citizen data scientists” are finding unique ways to yield powerful insights for the enterprise.

However, many of these individuals work independently, resulting in needlessly duplicated work and slowing enterprise data science initiatives. Organizations must find a way to create a cohesive plan to empower their existing team while extending data science enterprise-wide.

Recently, Gartner published a new research note which dives into best practices for upskilling your existing workforce and creating a holistic plan for your organization’s push to make data science a core competency. I invite you to read the research report below, and visit our related resources to learn how BIOVIA can provide the data science tools you need to ignite the next generation of discovery.

Plus, access customer use cases and how others have benefited from digitalizing research operations.