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Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management

Closing the Innovation Productivity Gap

Close the gap

BIOVIA Foundation Architecture

To achieve end-to-end innovation productivity, organizations must be able to access core scientific information and data from the ideation phase of product development and pass that information through to better inform downstream processes. Only then can scientists apply contextual knowledge to remove bottlenecks during ingredient sourcing, quality control, costing, manufacturing and compliance or claims support. At key points such as these, lack of timely access to relevant scientific data can lead to time-consuming manual labor to move the process forward.

The BIOVIA Solution – An Important Step

The BIOVIA Foundation is the first scientifically aware, service-oriented architecture (SOA) that enables the integration and deployment of broad scientific solutions across multiple domains throughout the innovation and commercialization lifecycle. The platform supports scientific software and services delivering:

  • Common application services
  • SOA integration
  • Workflow automation
  • Easy integration to enterprise and legacy systems
  • Enterprise lab management
  • Modeling and simulation

In addition, the BIOVIA Foundation can manage structured and unstructured information encountered early in the innovation cycle, as well as highly structured, automated batch records required by lock-down production. Most importantly, the BIOVIA Platform integrates with existing IT infrastructures, including downstream enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems.

Getting Started - A Maturity Model for Scientific Innovation

With all this to consider, it’s natural to ask, “Where do we start”? BIOVIA is helping to answer this question with a Maturity Model for Scientific Innovation, created to provide a consistent measuring stick that businesses can use to assess the current maturity level of their scientific operations and identify key areas for improvement that will help to create a consistent and reliable “innovation engine”.

BIOVIA offers two scientific maturity assessment tools:

  1. Online self-assessment: The self-assessment is quick, easy, and covers 12 key topics that help to define how your organization deploys people, processes, tools and data to support innovation.    
  2. On-site professional level assessment: Key to the BIOVIA Scientific Process Improvement project methodology, the on-site assessment uses a more comprehensive interview-based methodology that captures insights from participants to increase the depth and objectivity of the assessment, makes the model relevant to your specific business environment, and provides a detailed gap analysis between your current and desired states of scientific maturity. The professional assessment evaluates over 50 topic areas and includes specific recommendations for improvements backed by objective financial and operational impact evaluation.

Ready to put your business on the path to realizing faster, more profitable and repeatable results from R&D investments?

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