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Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management

Closing the Innovation Productivity Gap

About SILM

Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management

With only a quarter of R&D projects reaching the market*, there is a growing consensus that innovation is stalling or even declining today, especially across science-led industries, from pharmaceuticals to aerospace.

Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management (SILM) systems integrate research and development information across the scientific enterprise. These systems deliver technology infrastructure that supports science-driven product development by automating critical processes and enabling scientists to capture and access core scientific information and data for commercialization process improvement. SILM systems facilitate the information flow to downstream PLM, ERP and similar systems from R&D, across the ideation, development and validation into the early manufacturing phases of the innovation cycle.

The scientifically aware BIOVIA Foundation is an important first step towards bridging the innovation productivity gap by integrating with existing enterprise systems and deploying scientific software and services solutions along the entire lab-to-plant value chain.  The result is an improved ability to  accelerate innovation, speed time-to-market and improve competitiveness.
* IDC Manufacturing Insights whitepaper

What's causing the innovation productivity gap?