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Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management

Closing the Innovation Productivity Gap



Maturity Model
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Taking the Accelrys Scientific Maturity Model to the Next Step View now


Science-driven Companies Need Solutions to Span from Innovation to Commercialization. View now


Why Companies Need Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management Solutions. View now


The BIOVIA Foundation – an Open, Integration Engine. View now


Externalization is Forcing Change in IT Infrastructures. View now


Speed Time to Market with a Frictionless Flow of Scientific Information. View now


Status Quo no Longer an Option for Scientific Innovation. View now

White Papers

Accelerating Science-Led Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Learn how you can accelerate the innovation process and start to close the gap between innovation and commercialization in this paper sponsored by Accelrys and authored by Joe Barkai, research vice president for IDC Manufacturing Insights' Product Lifecycle Strategies research service. Read more

This follow-on series of papers addresses how an enterprise approach to R&D provides a firm foundation for scientific innovation lifecycle management with a view to speeding time to market in various industry verticals:

How Effective Is Your Innovation Lifecycle?

Discover the secrets of consistently innovative companies, and how to assess the alignment of people, processes, tools, and data in your organization to achieve a sustainable innovation process. Download now

Maturity Model Assessment

Assess Your Innovation

Take the Scientific Maturity Model Assessment and see how you rank! Get started


On-demand Webinar with Scientific Computing: Achieving Consistent Innovation: Road map to a Sustainable Process

Discover how a maturity model can assess and improve the alignment of people, processes, tools, and data in the R&D organization. Learn more

On-demand Webinar: Accelerating Science-Led Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Join Joe Barkai of IDC Manufacturing Insights as he discusses speeding up scientific innovation. Learn more

Read the Latest News on SILM

Bridging the Efficiency Gap between Product Innovation and Manufacturing

02/01/13 - In complex, externalized environments, a more modern, holistic and flexible informatics strategy is key.
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From Innovation to Commercialization: Closing The Productivity Gap

12/18/12 - Today’s science-driven enterprises—particularly those developing products based on research at the atomistic or molecular level—are increasingly challenged by a “productivity gap” that exists within the innovation-to-commercialization lifecycle.
Read about 3 key areas that need to be addressed.

Streamlining The Innovation Lifecycle

08/21/12 - Rapp of Accelrys discusses a more streamlined, holistic approach to managing data and processes across the innovation lifecycle.
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Closing the R&D Productivity Gap

07/24/12 - Better, faster and more efficient innovation requires organizations to close the productivity gap
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Mind the Gap

06/07/12 - Scientific innovation is being hindered by a productivity gap. Max Carnecchia, president and chief executive officer at Accelrys, explains.
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The Role of IT in Linking Innovation Lifecycle Information Management to ERP and PLM

06/05/12 - Innovation is not like an assembly line.
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Accelrys Announces Enterprise Platform

04/20/12 – To facilitate a new approach to effectively manage scientific innovation, the provider is introducing its Accelrys Enterprise Platform.
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Accelrys Takes on Productivity Gap with Scientific Lifecycle Software

04/17/12 – Accelrys is introducing a Web-based technology platform that combines elements of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for scientific-driven R&D organizations.
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Accelrys Challenges Industries to Speed Innovation by Transforming the Scientific Innovation Lifecycle

04/17/12 – Open, interoperable, scientifically aware solutions are critical to closing the productivity gap.
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Streamlining the Chemical Innovation Lifecycle

02/29/12 – Dr Michael Doyle of Accelrys looks at the role of IT in shrinking the gap between research lab and final product.
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