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Data has become ubiquitous. However, many scientific and engineering-based organizations still struggle to effectively utilize the data at their disposal. Teams use different tools and processes to access data, clean it, model it and share results. This disjointed and often too generic approach to data science stifles collaboration and inhibits innovation.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot provides a scalable framework for an end-to-end approach to leverage data across the science and engineering enterprise.

A Scalable Data Science Framework

Pipeline Pilot streamlines the building, sharing and deployment of complex data workflows with its graphically-based, code-optional environment.

Build complex workflows visually within a drag-and-drop user interface
Schedule tasks, clean and blend datasets and deploy workflows via web services, APIs or Pipeline Pilot’s web interface
  • Build and train models, assess performance, save and share trained models for future use, all with a few clicks
  • Utilize TensorFlow and other deep learning frameworks to build powerful, reproducible models
Visualize and interpret complex data streams and test results in a variety of HTML5-enabled widgets and documents
Embed custom scripts from Python, Perl or R

end-to-end approach

Pipeline Pilot provides a flexible environment for creating comprehensive data science applications, either natively or in conjunction with your existing IT infrastructure.





A Solution for Everyone

Developers, data scientists, “citizen” data scientists, R&D and business leaders can all utilize Pipeline Pilot

  • Developers can rapidly create, share and reuse data workflows
  • Data Scientists of any skill level can automate data access, cleaning and model creation
  • R&D can augment their work with latest AI and machine learning tools
  • Business leaders can interpret and analyze quickly results with easy customized dashboards

Pipeline Pilot Collections

The power of Pipeline Pilot lies in its technical depth. Tackle your scientific challenges with our collections of discipline-specific functionality.

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