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Remove paper processes and better support end-to-end analytical and process workflows in research, development, analytical and QA/QC laboratories. Unified, harmonized and standardized laboratory/resource management and procedure execution can help you improve collaborative innovation, increase productivity, reduce regulatory compliance efforts and safety risks and accelerate time to market.

The BIOVIA Unified Lab enables digitalization of all aspects of lab procedures


The BIOVIA Unified Lab goes beyond the capabilities of traditional systems such as Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Laboratory Execution Systems (LES) and Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS). It provides focused scientific apps that deliver unique and flexible lab informatics solutions across multiple industries. This integrated suite of web-based apps can be deployed on the cloud or on-premises.


Capabilities include experimental lab documentation, resource and inventory management, standardized recipe and method authoring, procedure execution, lab activity planning, and data science and decision-making tools. Different combinations of apps offer scientists a seamless user experience that meets the specific needs of individual roles. BIOVIA Unified Lab can also integrate with existing lab informatics systems supporting a truly digital lab.

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Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) are the gateway for capturing lab data consistently and sharing data efficiently. They are often the first component of a Unified Lab implementation.

Customer Value

The BIOVIA Unified Lab provides a common software environment that manages most aspects of today’s laboratories, while also integrating with other existing lab informatics systems.

Deployments in the cloud remove the need for ongoing resource-heavy IT management and simplifying software upgrades. Private single-tenant cloud deployments are available for validated environments.
Standardized processes and streamlined workflows mean scientists spend less time entering data and switching between software packages.
Data is captured consistently and remains easy to search and locate for future work or regulatory filings.
Automation, data entry limits and review-by-exception help reduce initial errors and quickly validate results.

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