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System Requirements for
Discovery Studio 2018

The following sections cover the system requirements for Discovery Studio:

Supported Operating Systems

Operating System




Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64 bit
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 32 bit
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 64 bit
Microsoft Windows 8.1 SP1 64 bit +
Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit +
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 64 bit
Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6.3+ 64 bit
Red Hat Enterprise Linux v7 64 bit
SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 11 64 bit

* The server has not been fully validated but there are no known issues reported when running in a single user environment. It is not recommended for multiple users.

Processor and RAM Requirements

  • Processor: An Intel-compatible processor ≥2 GHz with x86_64 architecture is required.
  • RAM: A minimum of 8 GB of memory. Additional RAM will allow you to work with more and larger systems.

Disk Space Requirements

The following table gives approximate space requirements for Discovery Studio. The databases are optional but provide additional capabilities when installed.


Approximate Size

Discovery Studio Client 1 GB
AEP Server with DS Component Collections 15 GB
Antibody Database (redundant structures) 3.6 GB
BLAST Database 126 GB
PharmaDB 5 GB

Supported Graphics Cards

The following graphics cards are supported for the client. Cards that are certified have been validated with Discovery Studio. Non-certified cards are expected to work with Discovery Studio, but have not been tested. See Supported Graphics Card Drivers below for a list of supported drivers.

Note the following:

  • Some ATI drivers are known to have problems when DS is run as an administrator (root).
  • Limited testing has been run on Intel graphics cards on Windows. Some of these cards do not support all features used by Discovery Studio. The Optimize Graphics Setting startup option will detect this and disable those features.

Graphics Card



Stereo Support

ATI FirePro V4900
ATI FirePro V5900 mid  
ATI FirePro V7900 high    
AMD FirePro W5000 mid + (Linux)
AMD FirePro W8000
AMD FirePro W2100
+ +
AMD FirePro W4100
AMD FirePro W5100
+ (Win) +
AMD FirePro W7100
AMD Radeon Pro WX4100
AMD Radeon Pro WX5100
+ (Win)  
AMD Radeon Pro WX7100
NVIDIA Quadro 600 basic +  
NVIDIA Quadro K620 basic  
NVIDIA Quadro 2000/K2000 mid + + (Win only)
NVIDIA Quadro K2200 mid +  
NVIDIA Quadro 4000/K4000 high   +
NVIDIA Quadro K5000 high   +
NVIDIA Quadro 6000 ultra high   +
NVIDIA Quadro M4000 mid   +
NVIDIA Quadro M5000 high + +
NVIDIA Quadro M6000 ultra high   +

Supported Graphics Card Drivers

Operating System

ATI/AMD V-Series

ATI/AMD W-, WX- and Radeon Pro- Series

NVIDIA Quadro K and M- Series

Microsoft Windows 7 15.201.2401 17.Q4 385.90
Microsoft Windows 8.1 15.201.2401
Microsoft Windows 10
17.Q4 385.90
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3+ 15.201.2401 17.Q4 (RH6.9 only) 387.34
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0+ 15.201.2401 17.Q4 (RH7.3 only) 387.34

Supported Software for the Grid

Software Version

  • Univa Grid Engine 8.4
  • PBS Professional 13.1
  • IBM Spectrum LSF 10.1

Additional Software Requirements

System Libraries (Linux)

Certain system libraries may be required for the correct operation of Discovery Studio. To automatically detect which libraries may be required for your system, run the script, available on the Discovery Studio distribution. For details, see Required System Libraries.


The BLAST Search (DS server) and PSI-BLAST Search protocols require a separately installed BLAST database, which can be downloaded from the Download Center. For more details regarding the extraction and installation of the databases, see the installation instructions on the Download Center or the help topic "Installing databases for BLAST Search (DS server) and PSI-BLAST Search".

GNOME Desktop (Linux)

The Discovery Studio Client is optimized for the GNOME Desktop. We recommend that you install and configure this software, which is available on your Linux distribution media. Note that KDE Desktop is also supported.