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Molecular visualization is a key aspect of the analysis and communication of modeling studies. It enables a mechanistic understanding of a molecule’s structure to be visualized, so that key insights can be shared between computational modeling experts and collaborating team members. BIOVIA visualization capabilities include:

High Performance Publication Quality Graphics

  • Handle very large macromolecule systems  (E.g., Ribosomes)
  • Support a range of stereo graphics options (E.g., split screen, hardware stereo)
  • Hardware graphics acceleration support for a range of AMD(ATI) and nVidia cards
  • Depth cueing, blur and shading capabilities

Going Beyond Molecular Graphics

Molecular graphics are not the only results that you might want to share. Other visualization capabilities include:

  • Sequences, including Chain view support for multi-domain proteins (E.g., Antibodies)
  • 2D and 3D Charting, Histograms, Heat maps and Data tables

Share and Collaborate

Visualization is more than just about creating a graphical scene, its goal is to communicate and collaborate. With Discovery Studio products you can:

Collaborate with colleagues with our:

  • Free ActiveX control to insert and interact with 3D molecular objects in web pages, and Microsoft® SharePoint™
  • Free standalone version of our commercial Discovery Studio molecular modeling client
  • Or, our licensed version of Discovery Studio client

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Download the free BIOVIA Discovery Studio Visualizer

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