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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Documents and Text

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Documents and Text enables you to obtain, process and store necessary information found in documents you work with every day. The Documents and Text Collection combines what were previously the Text Analytics and ChemMining Collections, providing comprehensive capabilities to identify key documents from both internal and external sources, extract the right information from those documents and then combine, analyze and present that information to reinforce primary research findings and support critical decision making. The Documents and Text Collection provides a broad set of core text mining capabilities as well as specialist capabilities for identifying chemical names in text and converting them to live structures.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Documents and Text Features

  • Search PubMed, US and European Patents, Twitter, Bing, websites and local files including SharePoint documents, as well as integrate with third-party search engines, to find the documents of highest value and importance
  • Search multiple data sources easily using a single query language with phrase, wildcard, fielded and synonym matching, allowing searches to be created and maintained efficiently
  • Extract key concepts to find correlations in documents and online literature for competitive intelligence and to support primary research findings
  • Create searchable databases of key documents for ongoing review during the course of a project
  • Identify chemical names in text and convert these to structures with the included OpenEye name-to-structure converter for use in chemically-aware searchable document databases
  • Automatically add content to Microsoft Word documents to streamline the creation of internal reports and external regulatory documents, reducing error-prone manual document editing
  • Create rich, interactive Reporting output to explore and mine your documents and text analyses, including specialist visualizations such as Tag Clouds.

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