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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Imaging

BIOVIA offers an integrated solution for: image processing and analysis; metadata configuration; integration with other data types; statistics; learning and modeling; interactive reporting; and image management for cataloguing, searching, filtering, viewing and annotating.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Imaging

  • Share and manage images and associated data across your enterprise and external partner network
  • Customize image processing workflows for any applications
  • Create and deploy protocols ranging from simple image manipulation to complex clustering with interactive data-connected reporting
  • Reduce costs and challenges associated with managing multiple image analysis platforms
  • Improve quality control and reporting processes with image-to-data links
  • Apply learning and modeling techniques to image regions for advanced processing and analysis
  • Employ out-of-the-box support for leading HPC and grid systems including Oracle Grid Engine, LSF, PBS/Torque
  • Integrate with numerous third-party processing and management systems

Read the Imaging Component Collection Datasheet

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