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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Materials Studio

The BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Materials Studio is a new software solution that allows access and utilization of Materials Studio's premier modeling capabilities within the Pipeline Pilot™ scientific authoring application. Now you can integrate predictive analytics for materials properties seamlessly into your scientific workflows. This allows for a more streamlined approach to materials discovery and improves productivity so that you can spend more time on innovation and less on costly laboratory experimentation.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Materials Studio makes many Materials Studio applications available through Pipeline Pilot, including:

  • Quantum Mechanics (CASTEP, DMol3, VAMP)
  • Classical Simulations (Forcite Plus, Amorphous Cell)
  • Crystallization (Polymorph Predictor)
  • Polymer properties (Synthia)
  • Molecular properties (QSAR)

The Materials Studio Collection

  • Includes a large number of property calculators and enables complex properties to be determined easily by constructing protocols
  • Enables easy interoperability with Materials Studio due to read/write components for Materials Studio document types
  • Provides a utility to integrate scripting applications developed within Materials Studio's scripting API into Pipeline Pilot protocols
  • Includes visualization and reporting tools for periodic structures, based on the open source Java viewer Jmol

Pipeline Pilot provides time-saving tools that complement the powerful modeling methods in Materials Studio. The Materials Studio Collection combines the power of these two products. It delivers a new productivity tool to modelers who need to get more out of their modeling tools and enables best practices to be captured and deployed throughout the enterprise.

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