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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Next Generation Sequencing

Life science research organizations are applying large-scale genomic sequencing data to address a wide variety of applications in healthcare, agricultural research, biofuel development and elsewhere. However, analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data is not settled science and organizations using NGS data face a number of challenges.

With the BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot NGS you can:

  • Generate a wide range of NGS analyses including de novo assembly, mapping to reference, SNP and structural variant detection, RNA-Seq, CNV-Seq, ChIP-Seq and large scale genome comparisons―a single system supporting a diversity of computational challenges
  • Accelerate pipeline development with out of the box integration of leading industry-standard algorithms (e.g., BWA, Bowtie 2, GATK, BreakDancer, TopHat, CuffLinks, SamTools, Velvet) and pre-configured example protocols
  • Leverage the visual Pipeline Pilot authoring environment to accelerate and simplify the deployment, maintenance and sharing of best practice NGS pipelines
  • Use repositories to simplify the use and management of NGS data files, including reference sequences, alignments and feature annotations
  • Improve deployment and minimize time to result for high-value NGS analyses with out-of-the-box support for leading HPC and grid systems including Oracle Grid Engine, LSF, and PBS/Torque
  • Streamline the analysis, interpretation and reporting of complex NGS results with a rich set of visualization and browsing components including GBrowse, IGV, Tablet and Circos, plus interactive graphs, tables and charts

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