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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Plate Data Analytics

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Plate Data Analytics provides a data model for plate based data within Pipeline Pilot provides methods to read, write, report, visualize, manipulate and perform calculations on plate data. The collection allows each record on the data pipeline to carry an entire plate and its associated wells and to perform both plate and well level operations. Harnessing the power of the SciTegic graphical protocol building capabilities, complex data analysis procedures, such as analyzing the results of a screening experiment, can be easily constructed without the need to develop code. Coupled with the Integration Collection, this plate-based data can easily be inserted into, or retrieved from, a database.

With BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Plate Data Analytics you can:

  • Define automated procedures to analyze the results of various types of screening experiments
  • Perform statistical calculations within or across plates including normalizations and calculations of assay quality
  • Perform Dose-Response calculations using SciTegic, R Statistics, or Graph Pad Prism methods
  • Visualize large collections of plates and interactively drill-down to plate and well level details
  • When coupled with the integration collection, insert or retrieve plate data from databases

Read the Plate Data Analytics Collection Datasheet

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