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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Polymer Properties (Synthia)

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Polymer Properties (Synthia) provides a method for quickly estimating the properties of bulk, amorphous homopolymers and random copolymers based on repeat unit information, molecular weight and temperature. The collection contains published models from J.Bicerano’s  Prediction of Polymer Properties (Marcel Dekker, NY, 2002.), as well as extensible models for proprietary compounds or focused training sets. To use the Polymer Properties (Synthia) Collection, all you have to do is specify the monomer repeat units representing your polymer and select the properties you wish to predict.

With BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Polymer Properties you can:

  • Predict mechanical, transport, thermophysical, and many other properties of polymers, including interfacial tensions and the effects of cross-linking.
  • Create web applications that make polymer property prediction available on any networked machine.
  • Tune the accuracy of the prediction by including supplemental experimental data or by creating statistical models for focused chemistries.

Read the Polymer Properties Collection Datasheet

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