Collaborative Science

Accelerating time to market and driving innovation with collaboration, knowledge based understanding and prediction.

Bioactivity Databases

BIOVIA provides insight into druggability and intelligence on investigational drugs by providing access to one of the world’s leading collections of bioactivity data.


Understand the competitive space for biologically active molecules and develop structure-activity relationships (SARs) using one of the most authoritative and current collections of bioactivity findings for newly launched or developmental drugs.
Produced with Thomson Reuters.

Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry (CMC)

Validate new pharmacophores and build structure-based calculators and SARs with the definitive reference on compounds used or studied as medicinal agents in humans.

BIOVIA Toxicity

Anticipate adverse effects based upon chemical structure and link structure with metabolism information in the largest structure-searchable compendium of compounds with reported in vivo and in vitro toxic properties.


BIOVIA also produces and distributes The Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS®) database—a comprehensive collection of basic toxicity information for over 160,000 chemical substances including: prescription and non-prescription drugs, food additives, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, solvents, diluents, chemical wastes, reaction products of chemical waste and substances used in both industrial and household situations.

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