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BIOVIA Available Chemicals Directory (ACD)

BIOVIA ACD is the Gold Standard for chemical sourcing in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and agrochemical companies worldwide—used and trusted for more than 25 years by over 20,000 scientists at over 500 sites.

ACD consolidates chemical supplier catalogs into an easy-to-access, structure-searchable database providing information on:

  • Product purities
  • Available quantities
  • Prices with supplier ordering information
  • Forms
  • Grades
  • GHS classification for products
  • SDS links to supplier product pages

BIOVIA ACD is one of the largest structure-searchable collections of commercially available chemicals in the world, with pricing and supplier information for:

  • Over 10 million unique chemicals, including 3D models
  • Over 25 million products
  • Over 70 million packages
  • From about 940 suppliers

With BIOVIA ACD you can:

  • Identify and locate commercial sources
  • Make side-by-side comparisons of purity, quantity and price
  • Save valuable time by accessing information from a single source
  • Identify the optimal set of compounds for a synthesis or library, with confidence that those compounds will be available at the indicated prices from the selected suppliers
  • Quickly, easily and confidently order compounds from multiple suppliers using the eMolecules fulfillment service

Using powerful chemical search functionality it is easy to find suppliers providing analogs of interest. The database also includes 3D models and links to ChemADVISOR EH&S health and safety data.


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