Process Production Operations

Empowering production operations in process industries to shorten time to market and maximize profitability by leveraging process and quality data

Process Production Operations

The process development, manufacturing and quality functions generate an abundance of data, which needs to be utilized in a more user-friendly, organized (contextualized) form for improved process knowledge and production operations. Traditional manual methods, such as spreadsheets, are error-prone and waste valuable time. As organizations generate more data through implementation of QbD (Quality by Design), PAT (Process Analytical Technology), PR (Process Robustness), and CPV (Continued Process Verification) initiatives along with new manufacturing and measurement technologies, they need better ways to access and use their data.

With Discoverant BIOVIA provides a Process Production Operations solution experience which integrates process development, manufacturing and quality environments to drive effective process design, performance and improvement.

BIOVIA Discoverant supports process development, quality, and manufacturing users with self-service, on-demand access to process and quality data from disparate databases and paper records. It automatically aggregates and contextualizes the data and enables ad hoc statistical investigations and analysis with automated validation-ready workflows to provide browser-accessible outputs for teams of observational users. This includes different organizations and geographies improving the working relationship with contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

The solution includes three major areas that empower production operations, shorten time to market and maximize profitability:

  • Improve Process Design to understand the critical process drivers
  • Increase Process Performance by monitoring variability enabling preemptive action
  • Enhance Process Improvement by understanding and control process and product variability

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