Process Production Operations

Empowering production operations in process industries to shorten time to market and maximize profitability by leveraging process and quality data

CMO Collaboration

Both CMOs and Sponsor organizations can realize significant value from adopting the BIOVIA solution for CMOs as their standard process data aggregation, analysis and reporting technology.

In today’s dynamic, highly competitive biopharmaceutical industry environment, life sciences companies now outsource a full two-thirds of their manufacturing activities to CMOs – and for small commercial companies, that figure is even higher. At the same time contract manufacturers are seeking to further expand their role in the industry by providing a wider range of services and better quality products for their clients.

It is critical for pharmaceutical companies and CMOs to collaborate effectively in order to ensure manufacturing efficiency and reduce product variability. Additionally, sponsor organizations and CMOs share responsibility for quality metrics and compliance reporting; both are equally accountable for establishing and maintaining a state of control in manufacturing processes. And both must meet specific data integrity, quality and compliance criteria.

BIOVIA Discoverant for CMO Collaboration

The BIOVIA solution for CMO Collaboration is an industry-leading data monitoring and process improvement system for aggregating, contextualizing, analyzing and sharing manufacturing and quality data. With its automated alerts and reporting capabilities, the solution significantly decreases process and product variability, improving quality and compliance for CMOs and Sponsors alike.

The BIOVIA solution is a scalable validation-ready data quality monitoring system that can be quickly deployed and easily shared between sponsors and CMOs allowing both secure and compliant access to real-time data and automated reporting dashboards.

Organizations have realized the following benefits as a direct result of deploying the BIOVIA solution for CMOs:

  • 80-95% Less Time Spent Aggregating Data
  • 40-50% Corrective Response Time to Out-Of-Spec/ Out-Of-Trend Results
  • 30-50% Improvement in Data Accuracy

Cloud Exchange

The Cloud Exchange capabilities of BIOVIA Discoverant allow sponsors and CMOs to easily share and exchange data through the cloud. When both organizations utilize BIOVIA Discoverant, Analysis Groups can be automatically exported and pushed into the cloud from where they can be imported automatically by the partner for automated execution of result methods.
In cases where the sponsor does not use BIOVIA Discoverant, the CMO can generate consistently formatted spreadsheets and push them into the cloud automatically, where the can be accessed in a controlled manner by the sponsor for re-use in other applications.

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