BIOVIA CISPro Chemical Inventory Management

Accurately manage chemicals from receipt to disposal, address EH&S lab safety requirements and reduce chemical risks, hazards and costs

Real Time Chemical Inventory Management with BIOVIA CISPro® Cloud

A low-cost solution for managing chemical inventory in your lab

For laboratories that need to migrate from static spreadsheet applications to real-time integrated solutions, BIOVIA CISPro Cloud delivers all the necessary tools to accurately track and report chemicals and supplies while meeting safety and regulatory requirements, including barcode labeling, remote inventory control and SDS management.

As a hosted, cloud-based solution, BIOVIA CISPro Cloud is completely web-based, multi-tenant and exists outside your firewall. BIOVIA CISPro Cloud enables you to keep your chemical inventory current and your costs low.

Chemical Tracking and Reporting and Much More from BIOVIA CISPro Cloud

  • Manage chemicals from receipt through disposal more efficiently
  • Ensure accurate, real-time chemical safety and inventory data
  • Integrate chemical inventory with SDS
  • Monitor expiration dates and chemical shelf life
  • Uncover opportunities for waste minimization and cost reduction
  • Automate Tier II, Fire Code, Title 19 reporting
  • Address regulatory requirements

An unlimited number of material classes can be tracked, including reference standards, with multiple security layers. Inventories for individual business units can be maintained independently, yet managed collectively under the same company account.

Right Chemical. Right Place. Right Now.

With BIOVIA CISPro Cloud you can maintain a listing of all the chemicals in your facility, keep track of where they are in real-time quantity and monitor usage. Reports are easy to generate, allowing chemicals to be listed by location, vendor, name, CAS#, formula, etc. And, you can quickly access hazard information during an emergency.

For multinational companies, safety data can be configured and managed based on country or region, in multiple languages, and the system can generate regulatory reports to meet any regional requirement. The web-based delivery of BIOVIA CISPro Cloud simplifies implementation, eliminating the need to install software on every user's computer, while the system’s ability to operate on low bandwidth connections ensures ease of operation anywhere in the world.

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