BIOVIA CISPro Chemical Inventory Management

Accurately manage chemicals from receipt to disposal, address EH&S lab safety requirements and reduce chemical risks, hazards and costs


Streamline chemical searches by accessing BIOVIA ACD from within BIOVIA CISPro

BIOVIA ACD for CISPro makes the BIOVIA Available Chemicals Directory (ACD) database available as a fully-integrated cloud solution through the BIOVIA CISPro® chemical inventory system, enabling organizations to track and manage chemicals from receipt to disposal. Scientists can now source chemicals in research and bulk quantities within BIOVIA CISPro, research chemical properties, review chemical grade information, size and more. After searching the BIOVIA CISPro database for existing chemicals, the user can immediately continue searching for materials that are not in stock or not available in sufficient quantities. BIOVIA ACD for CISPro streamlines chemical sourcing, tracking, management and reporting through a single integrated interface.

The BIOVIA Available Chemicals Directory (ACD) for CISPro database is the largest structure-searchable collections of commercially available chemicals in the world, with supplier information for over 12 million unique chemicals from more than 890 suppliers worldwide.

Industry-Standard Reference

BIOVIA ACD has been the standard chemicals directory in the biopharmaceutical and chemicals industries for over 25 years.

With BIOVIA ACD for CISPro, scientists can:

  • Identify and locate commercial sources of chemicals
  • Make side-by-side comparisons of purity and quantity
  • Save valuable time by accessing information from a single source

Comprehensive and Up-To-Date

Updated monthly, BIOVIA ACD for CISPro contains over 12 million structures representing over 24 million products and 64 million packages available for purchase in bulk and research quantities from over 970 catalogs. New suppliers are continually added and we work closely with supplier partners to maintain the most current database possible ensuring accurate catalog information.

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