Unified Lab Management

Optimizing operations, maximizing quality and driving innovation with a standardized solution based on one foundation providing unique role-based user experiences for the lab

BIOVIA Compose

A Standards-based Procedure Management and Authoring Tool

BIOVIA Compose provides a standards-based approach to procedure authoring. It enables the right content to be input into processes from the beginning and carrying out production in similar ways globally. The standards put in place will give the production system a common language and a shared way of working.


  • Enterprise procedure authoring system using built-in libraries of operations and actions
  • Dynamic web-based user experience on desktop, laptop and mobile devices
  • Integrate with material and equipment management systems
  • Define parallel operations and dependencies
  • View Process Instructions and Process Flow
  • Externalize and transfer procedures via S88 standard

Benefits are:

  • An integrated solution – from laboratory procedure development to execution on the manufacturing plant floor
  • Streamlined global tech transfer from bench to pilot plant
  • Strengthened adherence to regulatory, safety and QA requirements
  • Transparency across functional lines on past, current and future development projects
  • Systematic re-use of organizational knowledge, experiences and best practices

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